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Thread: More Untethered Jailbreak Vulnerabilities Found by Pod2G

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    Default More Untethered Jailbreak Vulnerabilities Found by Pod2G

    @pod2g, recent iDevice hacker (not part of the Dev-Team), has recently shed some light on more vulnerabilities he has found that will allow for untethered jailbreaking. This brings us even closer to the untethered tools we've been waiting for, as now we are 100% sure that both teams have found working exploits.

    With this news, brings a more positive outlook on what we can see for jailbreaking iOS 4.3. Aside form the ASLR security, its looking like iOS 4.3's jailbreak tool, when it becomes available, could be untethered right from the start. Fingers crossed.

    Keep in mind that this is only vulnerabilities that have been found, and that there will still be some additional work required before they can be put to use by either team.

    Until then, things are looking very positive.

    Source: Twitter / pod2g: Hey, another untethered vu ...

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    This is definitely good news!!

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    That is just great! Hopefully one of the exploits will be released to the public soon enough. Cause right now it seems like Apple will take as much time as they possibly can with releasing the final iOS 4.3

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    I guess it's good... still waiting on untethered for 4.2...

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    After reading about ASLR security in iOS 4.3, this is good news. Apple is definately getting more serious about making it more difficult to jailbreak your iDevice. Nice job Pod2g.
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    There will always be a jailbreak. There might be a long wait, it may have to be tethered, or maybe even skip around on available firmwares but apple will not be able to stop it all together. There are too many people that want it and too many people working on or supporting it.

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    i'm still hoping for that untethered 4.2.1 soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leolion311 View Post
    i'm still hoping for that untethered 4.2.1 soon
    4.2.1 is untethered =P redsn0w 0.9.7b6 + mac = untethered 4.2.1 =D i am running iPad 3G 64 GB untethered jailbroken 4.2.1 flawless

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    whats the point of finding new exploits?
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    Things are going our way

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    I'm hoping for an untethered 4.2.1 for my iPad that can be used with Windows

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thenextkiller View Post
    whats the point of finding new exploits?

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    keep up the stellar work!

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    Can't wait for 4.3 to drop
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stewie Griffin View Post
    Can't wait for 4.3 to drop

    JB your phone and then get back to us about 4.3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thenextkiller View Post
    whats the point of finding new exploits?


    Exploits are the holes in the firmware that allow the JB to take process or to even have a JB. Every time a new JB is released apple patches that JB by Patching The exploit used to insert the JB into the idevice. There for making the devs or any JB developer to search for new exploits in the new firmware to insert the next JB into your idevice.

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    I hate how they keep showing off stuff for future firmware when they haven't even released an untethered jailbreak for 4.2.1
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    How about the devs start doing what I said the other day.
    Instead of telling the world about what they find they STFU and keep quiet and work on making the actual jailbreak then release it (WITHOUT SOURCE CODE). That way there will be less blocks and we would always have a working jailbreak.
    The way the do it now doesn't just tell us about it they are also telling crApple how to block it which is a really stupid move.

    They say they have a few unteathered jailbreaks and hacks already? How about you release one for the current firmware as everyone wants an unteathered jailbreak and some of us wont be upgrading to the newer firmware when it gets released.

    If they are waiting for the next firmware thats just a lame excuse to them not being about to make a jailbreak or they are just being pricks.

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