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Thread: Apple Going After Jailbreakers Again

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    Default this is disgusting
    Apple is the only company out there who dares to even entertain the idea of controlling all developers and consumers over whom they have no justified authority.

    If anyone wants to make an app for the iphone, apple forces you to give them profit. Apple forces you to make sure it's an app that they approve of. Apple forces you to comply to whatever lets them make money. They have no right to filter the market that way to make sure they make the maximum possible profit, especially when that means hurting smaller developers.

    Do you see any developer asking Microsoft to approve their software before they're allowed to distribute it for a windows OS? Imagine how much great software would have never been developed if Microsoft self-proclaimed itself as the judicatory of what software could or could not be bought and purchased as designated by their profit margin. This is an abomination.

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    The day Apple blocks me from being able to use MY PHONE how I want too is the day that I will switch to a different phone. If they want to lose customers then they are definitely on the right path.

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    My opinion is that as many people that may be intimidated by this behavior we will have equally as many people jailbreak their devices simply to rebel against authority

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    What ever Appl£ do Jailbreaking is good for their device as they(Appl£) get to steal the ideas from the Jailbreak app developers and then claim they came up with it

    So Appl£ won't truly want to destroy the Jailbreaking community but get it under some sort of "their" control

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    haha thatz all true
    apple is dumb :-P

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    Silly Apple, tricks are for kids
    Name? whereswaldo
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    if I have paid for this phone and it is mine, if I want to break it I will and if I jailbreak it I will I don't need permission from anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thatskanyon View Post
    This is so stupid. Apple will never rest until they can completely eliminate jailbreaking. If Apple were to create an os that is a little more open source and had things that it's customers want, then jailbreaking wouldn't be that big of a deal, kinda like how rooting android phones isn't a huge deal. Don't get me wrong, people would still jailbreak their idevices but there wouldn't be so much bs about copyright stuff.
    I may end up going Droid eventually. Samsung and htc have awesome phones coming to the market. Meh, just my 2 cents
    You'll just go from apple to verizon hunting you.

    they un rooted my htc incredible and patched the hole i used to root them.

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    Im going to state my two cents which is prob obvious.

    1. Alot of people will prob start looking at other phones if they stop jailbreaking, not that they are going to lose all business but some, bc if i couldn't jailbreak my iphone 4 i def wouldn't like it as much, in a way they would be hurting themsleves.

    2. I think most will agree, I think its just plain dumb to try to controll something that belongs to me, I feel like i paid for this its mine.... if i wanna throw this mutha****er off the roof i can do what i want cuz i own it, and Apple needs to quit all the bullying its getting ridonkulous!!

    3. They have so much money now im sure jailbreaking is not going to bankrupt the Apple anytime soon, jeee
    King Los aka Los Ninyo

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyblue_pimp View Post
    Is apples eyes jailbreaking = app piracy. 90% of the people I know with jailbroken devices, is just to steal apps.
    While I don't agree, it's these people that are hurting us in the long run.
    Your right, this is why apple is attacking so hard. If people didn't pirate apps I'm sure they would fine with just coming out with fire ware updates but the few ruin it for the rest
    You don't like the iPad because you don't have one!

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    @babyblue pimp
    Your absolutely right, people confuse jailbreaking with pirating. They are completely separate.

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    Good luck somebody will find a way around whatever they might do. Just like napster..limewire, etc

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    If the Mac OSX is open, why can't iOS be too? Apple needs to open their eyes. If they would make the iPhone into a "smarter" smartphone with the same tweaks and customizations that are in the Cydia store, jailbreaking would be practically extinct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Xanax View Post
    Actually for most iPhone owners. The phone isn't ENTIRELY yours. Remember that you're getting a subsidized phone in exchange for a contract. So I think Apple can kind of say "Ok we gave these people the phone for much cheaper than retail but we expect them to respect that and listen to our wish"
    What are you talking about. Apple gets full price for every phone, the carrier is subsidizing the phone and getting it back from you on a monthly basis.

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    This will go as far as it's legal. And Apple will cry again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lampardd View Post
    it is time for an android!
    See ya!

    Apple can keep trying whatever they want, it won't stop us from personalizing our phones.

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    I have a feeling that Apple isn't winning the cat & mouse game as much as it seems. Even though there isn't a public untethered release for 4.2.1 yet, it seems as though Apple knows they can't win. It's just odd timing for them to try this shiit again. It would be different if there were several jailbreaks & unlocks out for the latest firmware. JMO
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    i know a lot of people with jb iphones that dont pirate apps or games, apple needs to realize that jb community has helped move more iphones then any marketing campaign they came out with so, quietly say your against it but realize its making you a shitload of money

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    I don't really care one way or the other cause I can live with the iPhone as is, without a jailbreak.

    I suspect that many folks would see things differently if a product they creates and depended upon for their income was the target. Everything in the world isn't meant to be free.

    It is what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GellBrake'rrrr View Post
    I have a feeling that Apple isn't winning the cat & mouse game as much as it seems. Even though there isn't a public untethered release for 4.2.1 yet, it seems as though Apple knows they can't win. It's just odd timing for them to try this shiit again. It would be different if there were several jailbreaks & unlocks out for the latest firmware. JMO
    I disagree. The fact that the dev team is waiting longer and longer to release jailbreaks seems to suggest the exact opposite. Look at the reasons they give on waiting and how long they are waiting.

    I think Apple has just about closed it's holes and they are doing this to combat the one left out there. I suspect that after this latest jb that the dev team is holding is released, and Apple patches it, it will be even longer before another one is released. In the meantime, Apple will add newer features that folks really want forcing them to decide if they really want to wait on a posted UNTETHERED jailbreak.

    I submit that Apple is currently winning this one.

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