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Thread: How Much Will Verizon iPhone Data Cost?

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    Sounds right... I went to a Verizon store on 1/11/11 around noon, asked them about how much an iPhone plan was going to cost, they said it was going to be the same as the rest of there smart phones, the guy I spoke to said I could pre-order next month and pick up on the 11th, I don't know if he confused the dates or if the Verizon stores are getting them a day late... That's just my experience when I asked them so don't quote me on it... Was told it would be about $92 for their plan with the lowest minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acill View Post
    That plan only is unlimited IF and only IF your calling and texting to members in your friends and family circle. Not to anyone like the the current AT&T unlimited texting plans.
    Nope I've been on verizon for awhile and trust me the unlimited text is to anyone on any network I've used well over 10000 text to non verizon users almost every month with no extra cost. The talking is unlimited if you buy the unlimited plan or like you said have f&f circle. But the unlimited texting is true unlimited texting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DRFP View Post
    Did I read that right????? 120 a month for Iphone unlimted data Verizon? Did they lose thier minds?
    I think this implies unlimited everything. That price is about on par with the competition. A bit more expensive, but we were expecting that.

    If you break it down on ATT
    Unlimited voice $70
    2GB (top price) data $25
    Unlimited texts $20
    Total $115

    About the same... with Verizon you get 5K texts (not unlimited, but pretty damn close... I do believe vzw-vzw texts also don;t "count against you" so that is 5k texts outside of their network) but supposedly will get unlimited data (although this has yet to be announced).

    Quote Originally Posted by EskimoRuler View Post
    Think it's for unlimited voice and data, I really hope that verizon gets Better rate that att to force them to change theres

    Guess we'll see what happens, maybe it's going to be apart of there big campaign coming up for the iPhone
    VZW is not going to have a rate lower than ATT on their iPhone plans, I can almost guarantee it. Their non0iPhone plans currently are more expensive than ATTs iPhone plans (not by a lot, bu thtey are). They are anticipating this thing to rake in the customers. They wouldn't want to drop the rates for this device. ATT gets to compete with service (which I think is a good thing too).
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    Bro I must be your angel.
    Look it up online.
    You can still get unlimited data! (aT&T)
    You must have an old 2G iPhone for this loop-Hole but it works!!

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    Damn, its expensive in US! Here in Norway it cost me $35 each months, and I got unlimited data, calls,sms and mms

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    Seriously **** Verizon. Sprint Has the best plans.

    $69.99 ftw

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    Who cares once you get a call it will be disconnected. Lol!!!! Jokes on you vzw customers!!!! Lmao

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