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Thread: Jailbreaker Geohot Slapped with Restraining Order from Sony

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    to be fair the psp was destroyed cause of homebrewing/ hacking it, sony doesn't want to even take a chance with the ps3 falling into the psp fait

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    save geohot t-shirts would actually be cool someone make!

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    This guy is a genius.

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    Sony isn't a court or legal authority to decide what laws are and are not being broken. As the precedence against Apple's claim that jailbreaking is illegal reveals, you're free to manipulate your device all you like with any OS you wish and any code you wish as long as you're not pirating.

    Just because you can pirate with a computer, does that mean computers should be illegal too? Maybe we should hang bill gates and steve jobs by the noose for developing operating systems that allow you to download limewire on them.

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    This is a full-blown lawsuit now (link below). Don't imagine this will go well for Sony seeing as how there are a couple of precedents here. Likely just trying to intimidate future hacks/hackers.

    Sony follows up, officially sues Geohot and fail0verflow over PS3 jailbreak -- Engadget

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    So the answer is, boycot ALL Sony products and when they see their number plummet into the toilet, they will realize this kind of heavy hand will not work.
    Thanks Sony for choosing the bully route because that is what this is, being a bully.

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    This is all BS, Sony, pull your head out of your ***, let the kid do as he will, and go after the people stealing apps/ games.

    As much as I like your idea gunnysir, I disAGREE, I am addicted to COD Black Ops..
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    Yeah Go George Hotz! So beast. Look at the attention he is getting.

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    Since when can you get a restraining order from a whole company
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    let him release rubyra1n before this :P

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    Geohot should sue Sony for wasting his time and his presence.

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    Wow looks like they had to go after someone since the thing in Spain, the government allowed the people to jailbreak their PS3...and made Sony pay some court fees....Let us jailbreak our pS3's!!!!

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    I believe that modifying software should be up to the end user to get the most out of their purchases.

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    Hahaha what legal right does sony have? He is not pirating software he is just allowing freedom to. I think sony needs new lawyers

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    Idk. If there's laws that state he can't jailbreak a ps3. Then go ahead and sue. Why is everyone crying

    "LEAVE GEOHOT ALONE" go cry about it Chris crockers. Who cares.

    With the iPhone it's legal to jailbreak therefore. Good job geohot. Apple can't do anything

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    If someone legally owns the system, you have the right to modify it. Sony would sue someone for money. Guess Sony is trying to catch up with Nintendo.
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    Ummmm... sony's got some issues. Oh, wait, let me rephrase that: Sony has A LOT of issues!

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    So, if I buy a Ford pickup truck...and I take out the stock stereo and install a new Clarion DVD Navigation you think Ford will sue me because I modded my Ford?

    Suck it Sony!!

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    Geohot made Sony his B****!!!!

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    Geohotz can't step within 100 meters of a Bravia, Vaio or Cybershot. If he walks into a Bestbuy, snipers will take him out.

    But seriously, this sounds more like Sony realizes they can't patch the PS3 and/or determine who is and who isn't using pirated games on PSN. They made the mother of all cockups in creating their Private Key and now they're scrambling.
    Did Microsoft do this? No, because they can still patch things and add new security layers and ban consoles. Did Nintendo do this? No, they tried to patch things but found they too can't prevent the hacking of the Wii but admitted defeat, and said we still made crap loadsa money and have the best selling console.
    I feel Sony is panicking big-time!
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