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Thread: iPhone Comes to Verizon, Finally

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    Verizon has opted to call LTE "6G". Then made a stab at the others for labeling HSPA+ as "4G".

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    You're joking right? "6G"? Verizons LTE isn't even at what's considered 4g speeds, and won't be until LTE Advanced is released. HSPA+ at best could be considered 3.5g

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    Talking about FiOS, new 4G LTE network rolling out. "We debated calling this 6G" - responding to other carriers such as AT&T rebranding their HSPA+ service as "4G".
    From the event. So they may not call it that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Westerman View Post
    I think face time you will have to do your own separate call. Cant be on a normal phone call then switch to ft
    Verizon website today only references FaceTime with WiFi.

    I spoke with a couple of non-techie people who were interested in jumping from AT&T to Verizon; they were baffled that they couldn't take their existing iPhone and would have to buy a new one.

    I currently have an iPhone with AT&T. Can I keep my existing version of iPhone?

    No, in order to take advantage of the nationís largest and most reliable wireless network, you will need an iPhone 4 that works on the Verizon Wireless network.
    iPhone 4. Verizon. It Begins.

    And, you're screwed if you need to leave the U.S. or Canada, unless you are going to a few countries in South America, the middle east or southeast Asia -- but you could always get a 'loner' fone from them!

    Can I use my iPhone 4 while traveling abroad?
    Yes, customers can use iPhone for voice and text in over 40 countries with data service in over 20 countries. For service availability and rate information, visit International Roaming Rates and Coverage. When travelling outside of these 40 destinations, the Global Travel program is the perfect short-term solution for the occasional or infrequent global traveler who needs to stay in touch when travelling internationally.
    I wonder it they'll make their 'global phone' a 3G iPhone...

    So, basically, as long as you never go to Europe and are selective about any place else (even the countries listed have limited coverage/availability as many of those are migrating away from CDMA), you'll be fine.

    This is one of those things that, like using voice & data at the same time, you say now, "I don't do that" or "I won't need that" until you do and then, 'too bad.' I don't think people realize how much voice & data they do concurrently. There's a bunch of stuff that runs in the background that you usually don't think about even if you aren't doing things interactive.

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