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Thread: JP Morgan Predicts More Expensive iPhone on Verizon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captinsmooth View Post
    I have never had this issue, you sure you don't have some type of spyware?
    Quote Originally Posted by Chaseley1 View Post
    Try using a different browser. But it seems like you have some adware installed on your computer. I can tell you though, that the words on my page lead to no advertisements. Its YOUR computer
    Quote Originally Posted by big_frog View Post
    yea i think you have some kind of spyware or something in you pc or mac you better check thatt pop up or add on mines...
    It's not spyware. It's not adware. It's not Chrome. It's not my MacBook Pro.

    What is Vibrant In-text Advertising?

    " is one of thousands of premium websites that deliver Vibrant In-Text Advertising for companies such as Microsoft, Visa, IBM, and Toyota across the internet."

    Quote Originally Posted by coolguy742 View Post
    Talk about some random off topic nerd-rage!
    It wasn't random. I was trying to read the article and it kept happening. Got pissed so I commented on it. Happens all the time and it finally made me snap.

    Quote Originally Posted by ovey1 View Post
    you just need to mouse over the add then click on were it says vibrant and it will tell you how to use and there is a disable check and then check that and your good to go your welcome

    Quote Originally Posted by MetallicaFan1991 View Post
    It's an APPLE forum, they don't want to give you the choice lol. Apparently the reason was to make it a good experience for the person, I asked but can't remember the reason. MMi is like Apple, don't give you choices.
    Also the site uses Flash which the iPhone can't do so they probably don't want blue bricks all over their site when viewing from the iPhone LOL.
    I'm surprised they haven't gone to HTML5 just for Apple >_<
    That made me laugh.
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    I like AT&T better,,, it just feels rite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nielsenius View Post
    I completely agree. It's going to be hilarious when the AT&T vs. Verizon iPhone network speed tests come out. I once tried to load the Apple website on a Droid. It took about a minute. That's a good 4x longer than my iPhone.
    More Wi-fi hotspots will solve that problem.

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    honestly though, if you 'really' have traveled in the US, you'll realize that att only have edge service in more rural areas .. i have to admit too that att's 3g service is expanding very rapidly, and the quality have improved within the last 12 months ... 98% of the time, i am in the 3g coverage area, but that 2% of the time, really gets on my nerv ..

    versus verizon, they have great data coverage even in the eastcbums... then again, if you cant do voice & data simul will be a deal breaker for me ...

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    Just announced pricing is the same as AT&T. Told you this "analyst" was off his rocker.

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    They also announced that you can't use voice and data at the same time. Thats horrible. This means your GPS app can't get the latest directions while you are on the phone.

    This is a total deal breaker. Why would someone from AT&T switch? For a supposedly a better network? That would be so stupid.

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    Verizon is doing $30 for unlimited data (5g) and letting customers have the hotspot feature. Now what about FaceTime? If they let FaceTime work on 3G too AT&T will have to step up and do something. ALL of us on AT&T need to start calling and complaining about the lack of unlimited (5g) with AT&T. My family was grandfathered in on the unlimited deal but many of the peoples iPhones I work on are not and AT&Ts curent data plan is a joke.

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    Having already read the post about the new verizon phone, I would think that verizon would not do this to compete with AT&T. Would be hard to tell a person that the phone cost more because of the components that go into it
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