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Thread: AT&T Worst US Carrier, Again

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    i would have given good scores for most of those categories. I never have had a problem with the service, yea a few dropped calls but nothing that im going to flip out about, i just recall the person. When i use the online site i have always found what i needed which the only thing that comes to mind is when i had to reset the password on my iphone for my visual voicemail. They need to say where most of the surveyed people live because thats whats really going to determine how good your carrier is based off the area, so cover areas better than others
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    For the most part I have had no issues, except when going into large stores. Plenty of grocery stores and also Best Buy in town drop me to 0 bars by the time I get to the back of the store. Now that I am on Sprint I have not found a single place where I get no reception. Also get 3G everywhere we go as opposed to a very limited area with ATT. That said, I couldn't say I wasn't ok with my coverage. I am simply happier with Sprint now is all.

    The thing that I am happiest about is no dropped calls. Not sure this is an ATT specific thing though as my mom is still on ATT and we haven't had any dropped calls when talking to one another.
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    I like AT&T. Way back in cingular days i used to get drops all the time and when I got my iphone 3g. but now it's solid, not a drop in forever. I rooted some of my friends droid and epic. I get a much faster d/l rate on 3g than they do. According to the apps. Good thing too. I download like 15gigs a month on my iphone unlimited plan. I guess i'm on of the 2% that goes over 2gigs. lol BTW my friend pays more for verizon plan that is equal to mine.

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    I got att and got no problems outside the usual stuff as with any carrier. I wonder if tgey spike with actual att customers or did the survey in a dish network store!!

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    Cool No problem here
    No problems w ATT service here. Think the results might be a bit skewed with folks who want/have an Iphone and can't afford the correct plan/upgrades when made available. Flawless 3G and great customer service from the STL region.

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    Customer service for me has always been very good. However, my data service stinks. It was great to see the charts of average speed for each carrier in several cities. I live outside Portland and ever since I got the i4, my download speed is often a lot slower than my upload, no matter what time of day or night. If I get above 500K download, I should consider myself lucky. It was fixed once, but no more. I use wifi at home because it is about 20 times faster, but no matter where I go in my city, the speed stinks.

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    I do not understand. I have flawless coverage wherever I go. I changed to sprint for a week when the evo came out and Sprint sucked pretty bad! I love AT&T. No problems for the past 7 years.

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    Me and the wife have had AT&T for 9 years and I have never had a problem! Most people I know love there AT&T service, I just think this negativity with AT&T is a mental thing.

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    Is this the same consumer reports that said yes to the iPhone 4 then retracted it after the "consumers" reported defects??????? Yeah I should trust this consumer report. I have zero problems with at&t.

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    AT&T has their issues, but there is no way in hell it is THAT bad. I've been using AT&T/Cingular since I swapped over from PowerTel some 10-15 years ago and have never had any real issues outside the occasional dropped call.

    If I had to guess whoever wrote that article has some beef with AT&T and is hoping to hurt them.

    Quote Originally Posted by ADF View Post
    I'm so sick and tired of everyone defending AT&T. This is Americas MOST greediest carrier! They are so money hungry. It's so pathetic that most you AT&T customers would pay those outrageous prices per month. Don't get me wrong, they (telcos) are all over priced for the monthly services they provide, but Cingular is out of their minds! Let's not forget, the iPhone made this telco what it is today.
    It's a funny thing, AT&T with all their greed is cheaper than Verizon for me. I once wanted to get out from under AT&T because for a month or two I was getting at least one dropped call a day. When I compared Verizon's family packages to what I had with AT&T Verizon's would have been some $30-40/month more.

    Fortunately, after those two month AT&T apparently fixed the problem because I haven't had issues since.

    The only carrier I found that was cheaper than AT&T was Sprint.

    *EDIT: The primary reason AT&T was cheaper for me is because most of our family and friends also use AT&T. Due to the free mobile-to-mobile we only need to share 700 minutes with AT&T. We also have some 3000 rollover minutes. Swapping to Verizon and getting enough minutes to call our non-verizon friends and family would have been more expensive.
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    I think its where you are! I have had ATT (Cingular, Cellular One) since 1997, Never a problem! Great customer service!. I also had Verizon for 2 years because some places I went had no service BUT some places had ATT service and no Verizon service. Now I think Verizon does have more service in outlaying areas. I have a camp in the Adirondacks NY and Verizon does have better service up there. I just got a femtocell and all is good!!

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    This comes as no surprise.. I user to work for them.. And AT&T is a RE-ACtIVe company.. Where Verizon is quite PRO-ACTIVE..

    Att is always 2 steps behind.
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