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Thread: Apple Files Radical New "Radial Menu" Patent

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    Whatever it is, it'll be sweet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by westerman View Post
    I feel like us jailbreakers have already done this
    Jailbreakers had every updated feature on iOS (post 1.0), including the app store. Everything Apple adds anymore is just polish, at best, to something that is already available on jailbreak.
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    In the news next week: Apple filing suit against Bioware for having used radial menus in their games for nearly a decade.

    On a more serious note, I'm assuming the patent deals more with the details, such as making more common items more prominent and therefore more easy to select. Then again, this concept isn't new either.

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    does anyone else remember the old version of "dock" on iphone?
    with the sun and icons moving about when you swipe up from the bottom right corner?

    kinda similar huh
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    Default This already exists fro the mac, its been around for years
    This already exists for the mac, its been around for years. It's called Sapiens and works exactly as detailed except that it launches apps not commands. Look it up, you will be surprised how similar they are

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    It's kinda sad you know? Apple probably wouldnt have half the stuff they have in iOS if they didn't steal the ideas from jailbreaking. (pogo plank, categories "folders")

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    How is this radical? Computer games have had this for years. Jobs himself said years ago that they are masters of stealing ideas.

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    I think it's funny because there are a thousand other things that use this. One of them is an app in the App Store that you know they reviewed. Seriously though, SketchBook MobileX has a menu system exactly like this other than the submenus and gestures.

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    yet another copy of a jailbreak concept...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Westerman View Post
    I feel like us jailbreakers have already done this
    And we will always be 4 steps ahead of them.
    I think they get most of there patents from us anyway.
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