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Thread: Did Best Buy Sell This Guy a Fake iPad?

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    Hahaha Maybe the guy made the purchase on Tepito Mexico, it happend all the time there
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    No one think is kid has done it lol he did give it to him & I'm sorry but when he said it wouldn't turn on I burst out laughting, everyone knows how to turn them on and the fact the screen looks turned one should have been a big hint.

    His kid has swapped it, probably to give one to his pal or sell it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reddawg View Post
    If a BestBuy representative left a message that confirmed this has happened to a other people at the same store, then I think BestBuy is at fault.
    How do we know the message from the store is true? If he wanted to help his case, his wife should've gotten the message recorded, or a written letter, or something to prove that yes someone called to explain the issue before telling the media it happened.

    I can't trust his integrity on the matter. The "victim" seems so odd. If indeed his son "threw the iPad against the wall in frustration" why the hell is he gonna try and return a faulty iPad after admitting negligence? If I was Best Buy, I'd claim it was broken when he stated that; but you can't destroy a display model....that won't turn on with no internal hardware.

    And the guy is dumb. His son is dumb. The news is dumb. The thing won't turn on. No ****! Flags should've popped up immediately when he opened the box and the display was showing stuff other than a black screen. They shouldn't be whining that "it won't turn on." They should be whining that it was a fake device/display model.

    Another thing that irks me is he went to more than one Best Buy in another state to try and return the product. He should've kept a log of what store, what employee(s), and what was dialogued.

    He knows he's going to win because big retail hates bad publicity and they'll eventually give him what he wants unless they can prove he's a lying thief.

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    Everyone let's get a group of 10 people. All buy ipads and replace it with a non-working demo and then return it. The stores will believe we're not trying to scam them if we get a good amount of people involved.

    Everything no matter how big, small, or complexed can be circumvented or scammed.

    Just because this happened to 5-6 other people doesn't mean it's Best Buy's fault. This could be a group/scam effort. Highly unlikely, but still.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turb02 View Post
    time for a polygraph? both geek squad and him.
    Why the geek? He doesn't do anything other than confirm a fake iPad.

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    In the 80's, a friend of mine bought and returned both a Commodore Amiga and an Atari ST after gutting them and replacing the guts with plywood and powersupplies with bricks. Seemed funny when I was in my teens, but not so much later.

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    Did they ever rescue this guys kid from that silver air balloon???

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    Ok yea maybe get his iPad returned but a free one, come on don't be greedy sir
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    Quote Originally Posted by kadernal View Post
    I think its funny people dont think the guy should get a free iPad. While it seems like the guy is grasping for anything, think if it was you in his position out nearly $1000 because of an error that occurred at the place you purchased and they dont seem to care or want to help. If he did nothing wrong then he deserves to be compensated in some way other than just getting to return it.
    Obviously he won't be out nearly $1,000 if Best Buy takes care of the issue, he'll either get a refund or a replacement, and maybe a small discount if he decides he still wants one or a gift card if he doesn't for his "troubles", but even that I think is pushing it. But to ask for a refund AND a FREE iPad is ridiculous! Why he thinks he has the right to make a call like that is beyond me! It's just like any other product that is damaged or doesn't work, they replace it, end of story.

    I think he's either scamming with a fake or the BB employees are, to have multiple problems like that just doesn't happen.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyronal View Post
    Did they ever rescue this guys kid from that silver air balloon???
    Lol, nice!
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    It could be a big scam.

    I work at geek squad anyways. we have to do funcitonality checks whenever people return things, and I dont even think we sell open box ipads they all get sent back to the manufacturer.

    Anyways, heres what im thinking

    Guy in the story has 4 friends who all buy ipads at different times. All of them replace it with dummies and go in on different days and then they all end up getting free ipads. simple.

    And this couldnt have been internal if it was brand new. Theres plastic wrap all over the ipad so unless you have access to a machine that will re-wrap the ipad in the store then you're golden.

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    I almost believed the guy until the end when he started demanding that best buy should both refund his money and give him an ipad for free.
    at that point the guy becomes a scammer IMHO

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    He was the issue....probably sent different people with his fakepad , scam artist

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    Arent those demo fake ones usually obviously fake? I mean arent they usually just a sticker on a piece of plastic?
    Would you really need an employee at Geek Squad to tell you your touching a sticker?
    If this guy truly was screwed over in this instance, I would think a functioning Ipad, and a $50 gift card would be appropriate. A full refund and a new Ipad, seems a bit excessive to me. Im not the biggest Best Buy fan, but this guy is asking for a bit too much, assuming he is not the scammer here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tyronal View Post
    Did they ever rescue this guys kid from that silver air balloon???
    Haha, I was thinking of that story while watching this guy talk too.
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    Now this is a story! I like to see stuff like this posted on MMi more often

    Quote Originally Posted by Be Expressive View Post
    Don't buy already opened boxes
    plus he want's an iPad for free? he'll get a refund at most
    Your proof this box was preopened?
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    Are you serious?? He is scamming BestBuy obviously. You can get one of these fake ipads on ebay for just under 30 dollars. And do you seriously think Apple is packaging fake ipads and sending them to retailers? What a fake.

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    lol somewhat reminds me of last weeks chuck!

    Nerd Herd selling the 7G phones... if someone can think it, it can happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigersball View Post
    lol somewhat reminds me of last weeks chuck!

    Nerd Herd selling the 7G phones... if someone can think it, it can happen.
    Oh ya, that was funny

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    It's not a scam you dumb asses...

    It's very easy to open a product and then reseal it again with shrink-wrap. Especially at Best Buy; since they have all that stuff there to reseal.

    I'd put my money on an employee opening the box(s) and putting the fakes in there. Not hard to do; and not the first time that Best Buy has had inside jobs on Apple products.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iRepairIndy View Post
    Either he is scamming or employees at bestbuy are scamming.
    My thought exactly! Well the second thing anyhow... This definitely reeks of an employee swapping out legit iPads with dummy units and probably selling them on eBay for a handsome profit considering that the dummies won't even power on, hell they probably weren't even functional dummies but rather empty display units. Chances are that this was either a retail manager(has more access) or someone in Best Buy's upstream supply chain; ie - a truck driver that delivers to this particular store or maybe even a warehouse worker screwing with particular shipments that he/she is aware go to that given store with the knowledge that a store employee would be the most likely suspect. That really suck that guy should get an iPad and a refund or at least some extra store credit. I mean seriously they haven't done anything for him yet, they sold him a non-functional fake unit, accused him of lying and scamming and then couldn't even be courteous to call him! WTF!!! On the other hand he could be in cahoots with the other 6 people affected but I feel like an employee run scam is more probable! Either way it sucks and something ought to be done, I know I'd be really pissed if that happened to me....

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