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Thread: Organize Pics On Your iDevice With PhotoAlbums+

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    Great app!!! Now my camera roll isn't cluttered up with all the wallpapers I download and I can organize all my photos by person

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    ^ agree, this was so needed for me. I love it.

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    Awesome, I was always wanting this features...

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    Simply a must have. AWESOME integration and everything you would expect or could ever want out an app with such a name. 2.99 is a fair price. I would have thought twice about purchasing for 4.99 but after using it I realize it would be worth a 4.99 price tag! You won't be disappointed!

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    If you could create folders inside folders I would be all over this. Its the one thing that bugs me about the iphone. On my computer all my photo's are like this:
    Friends/Date/photos or Family/Date/photos, Instead I just have massive folders of friends, family, Dog, Vacations, etc...

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    Great tweak, happy to pay 3 bucks.

    I may not have heard, do the albums created in the transpose to the photos app on OSX?

    EDIT: Noticed it doesn't let you move from albums made from OSX photos. Any plans to change this?
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    That's something that I was looking for already for some time. What happens when you sync with iTunes? Does folders sync with iPhoto as iTunes?

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    Great tweak! One of the very best out there! Works like a charm!!!

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    Now we need to be able to delete music within the iPod app and we are all set!

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    I like it, but I have no way to transfer photos stored in an album created by "Photo Album Plus" to my computer without resorting to e-mail or MMS transfer. Photo Album Plus is not compatible with apps that transfer photos over WiFi like "Photo Transfer App".

    This is because Photo Transfer App only works with photos in Apple's Album database or camera roll. Since "Photo Album Plus" stores it's album photos in their own place, it is incompatible.
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    Why does Apple have all these half finished apps? It's like they only develop for iOS one day out of the month!

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    "some chick from vegas"... HAHAHHA!
    Looks awesome

    I am an iDiot

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    Where do these people get their logic when pricing jailbreak tweaks??? 2.99 is way to much for such a mediocre borderline useless tweak! Cydia just seems like a charge whatever the hell you want for crap free for all these days.

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    Quit ******** showofdeth. You think it takes seconds to program something like this. If you don't like it don't buy it and move on. Somebody always have to ***** about something.

    Anyways can't get this to work on my iphone 4. Anyone else have this problem ?

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    Great App. I only have one request. Is there anyway to move the pictures to already created folders or will it always be only folders created by the app itself?

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    How long have people been waiting for something like this? This is awesome. I love the password protected folders.

    Quote Originally Posted by showofdeth View Post
    Where do these people get their logic when pricing jailbreak tweaks??? 2.99 is way to much for such a mediocre borderline useless tweak! Cydia just seems like a charge whatever the hell you want for crap free for all these days.
    You are seriously outnumbered judging by the replies so far. Just don't buy it.

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    Apple shouldve implemented this from the start, but they're cluless morons. Oh well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nave3d View Post
    Apple shouldve implemented this from the start.
    I know, just like playlists. I have a little suspicion this is just so people know the name iPhoto and get interested. Or at least that's why you can't make places and stuff on it.

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    You cannot manage any of your synced photos this app ONLY manages your camera roll

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