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Thread: MacBook Air with SSD, Light Peak in April?

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    Wait, that is actually an MacBook Pro Anti-Glare, wtf?

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    Everybody is only talking about new mbp air and so on. But what is about a new imac or mac pro with ssd imagine the power. Even it is a desktop it would be awsome... So anybody knows about imacs or pros next year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by loudest_silence1 View Post
    LOL Actually, a "hub" is not even necessary. What most people don't understand about lightpeak is that it is more about the internals and protocol than the connector. They can have a usb, a firewire, or even a serial connector using lightpeak technology if they want to. So technically, lightpeak is reverse compatible with almost anything they want to give it a connector for. My guess is that it will use a USB connector, thus alleviating reverse compatibility issues.
    Finally, someone who doesn't jump to a conclusion! And I really want to try out lightpeak tech!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob_Quads View Post
    I really do laugh at these stories.

    "Someone said something" so lets make a big story about it.

    Pick the latest Apple product & add some new tech and wow you have headline news. Your average MMI reader would probably predict the future of apple products with just as much sucess as all these so called journalists/anaylyst what ever title they give them selves.
    If you don't like the stories on MMi then why the eff are you here reading them?
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    Right here it tells that they were testing Lightpeak USING USB connectors! The beauty is that over time they can move to a smaller connector, but using USB now gives it reverse compatibility, so DON'T worry.

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