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Thread: White iPhone Sighted in NYC

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    Had the white back for ahile now. Great quality and was 135 bucks, worth it to me. Looks better than the black back, but I wouldn't want a white front. Looks too much like white furniture, I hate white furniture.
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    ^^^^ i like ur fone

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    This article fails so much. Anyone can buy the parts and mod their phones.
    For **** sakes you mods are amateurs! Why are you trashing my scene!!! Seriously you and me we're done professionally.

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    Some one has to fill the Modmi news feed.... ha ha ha
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    Quote Originally Posted by westerman View Post
    wrong thread

    go to user cp
    I know it's the wrong thread! I just want to have a picture too. User cp?

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    If you know it's wrong then why do it? When you post your question is the right section I will give u better instructions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christian Bale View Post
    This article fails so much. Anyone can buy the parts and mod their phones.


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    Probably a convert and also Black is the new black??, there was a time when White iPod's looked nice but black just looks better, PS3, iPhone, iPod etc

    Quote Originally Posted by jose060789 View Post
    I know it's the wrong thread! I just want to have a picture too. User cp?

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    Lol soo of topic but same with me, I want an avatar, everytime I put an avatar, nothing appears but a blank box so I gave up :
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    why would any1 want these? they have had too many "problems"

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    Still like the black better
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    makes me laugh a little, that if apple is such a perfectionist about their items, that they withold units because of a slight aesthetic variation, yet let many, many units go out with actual quasi?-hardware issues, antenna, yellow screens etc.

    you might think it should have been the opposite way round over at O.I.L!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sucram6791 View Post
    why would any1 want these? they have had too many "problems"
    I've had little to no problems with mine and I got it the day it came out. No case for it or anything.

    I don't know how nice white would look, but as for the actual phone, it functions very well

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    Make something "rare" and people will line up in droves for it. Pretty ridiculous that we are getting this excited over the color of the glass on our phones. Who cares what it can do anymore. All that matters is what color it is!
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    did you guys know the white iphone has a 1.2ghz processor with 1024mb of ram and 500gb SSHDD?

    thats why the white one is so amazing.
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    How do yall know that he didnt just make it a white iphone. There are kits, and Engadget did a post some time ago about making themselves a white iphone.
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    That's a fake I saw a ton of them already with the eBay white parts

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    Wow, pure stupidity, it has the stupid sensor up at the top you can SEE, its an ebay special...

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Discuss white IP or black IP, like ...I'd rather like the blonds than.... But it's the same sh** but different colors, isn't it? No big deal really.

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    You wrote the same comment on under the name "yo motha" good job

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    The owner in the picture must not have the antennae gate issue to be running around without protection on a 'rare' white iPhone

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