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Thread: Analyst: Apple Prepping New iPhone Line With Varying Screen Sizes

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    Quote Originally Posted by iNT3Rv3NTiONZz View Post
    I think this is what the iPhone needs, a high end and low end model, although I imagine 99% of customers would still go for the high end model regardless..

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    People, do you honestly think apple is going to make something "low end"?

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    Yea, im agreeing with everyone else, i could see a size variance for the ipad ,maybe, but the iPhones screen i think is right at the right size. I could say ive only ever heard of it being to small, never heard anyone say that i wish i had a smaller screen, probably defeat the purpose of the iphone
    You don't like the iPad because you don't have one!

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    Awesome! I was just thinking I'd like a less featureful iPhone. I think it would be awesome if they could give me a 2 inch screen, remove the cameras, put in a much smaller battery, and increase the bezel size. Oh yeah, and while you're at it, could you please remove multitouch!
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    Dude sounds like you looking for a calculator?

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    Any smaller and you couldn't really type on it. Think additional model with larger screen to match Droids, but same res as iPhone 4. It would still have higher ppi than Droids.

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    Wow this sucks, so then there will be an iphone an iphone without the phone, a bigger iphone with no phone, a tiny iphone with no phone, and a tiny iphone.

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    This wouldn't be that bad if they came out with an even bigger iPhone form factor

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolguy742 View Post
    What a waste, that would be pointless
    I don't think it would be anymore pointless than having multiple models made by Nokia, Motorola, Blackberry, Droid, etc. Why should Apple limit themselves to just one model?

    There may be lots of people who would be interested in an Apple phone, but don't want all the bells and whistles that come on the current model. Perhaps if Apple created a smaller, watered down version they could tap into a completely different market...especially if the smaller models are available on other networks.

    I personally think Apple should just stick to the current iPhone since they know it's a huge success...but I wouldn't call any other models "pointless"

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    I don't believe the hype...if anything they should make the iPhone bigger to compete with the "X" or the EVO. The "hen house" strikes again.

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    Should apple stop trying to "improve" their line of iPhones??(yes)
    They think they are improving but they just make worse on some products, starts with the OVER SIZED itouch(iPad)... Dropped calls on iphone4... Crashing it4... Nano6g WTH

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    This might have made sense a few years ago when phones varied a lot in sizes. If you look at them now they're all relatively the same size, because Apple has forced everyone to go the smart phone direction.

    Yes there are a couple phones like the EVO with abnormally large screens that you practically have to haul around in a suitcase because they don't even come close to fitting in a pocket.

    I don't know if Apple will go this direction since there have been rumors for so long, I hope not.

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    And how will Apple cash in on an increased screen size?.........By overcharging of course. $299 for a 32gb 3.5" screen and probably an extra $100 for a mere 1/2" bigger screen that will probably cost them 50 cents extra to manufacture.

    Got Profit? Apple does! And they enjoy it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottjl View Post
    analysts are in the business of getting articles published and noticed. i doubt there is any truth to this at all..

    i "predict" we will have ipads in various shapes sizes and colors in the next 10 years. yawn.
    One of the ways they do that is by having a consistent track record. You'd be silly to ignore it.
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    I hope they don't change the screen size. I like it how it is. And if apple added a half a inch in screen size they would add $200 to the cost of the phone.

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    People. To add a retina display on even another 1/2 inch would cost a lot of money. Not 50 cents as somebody above said. And why are people riping the iPad? I don't like it but I know many people who use it for much more then an oversized iPod touch. For business it's great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter454 View Post
    People. To add a retina display on even another 1/2 inch would cost a lot of money. Not 50 cents as somebody above said. And why are people riping the iPad? I don't like it but I know many people who use it for much more then an oversized iPod touch. For business it's great.
    I agree people should stip b*tching about the iPad.

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    The ones who trash talk the iPad are those who don't own one. I have an iPad and I use it constantly. Who the hell wants to watch movies, surf the net, type papers, etc on an iPhone or iTouch when you have an iPad with which you have much more space to work on? It's not an oversized iPod Touch, and if it were then why are other companies trying to compete with it with making tablets if the iPad is worthless?

    Step ya game up and maybe you can afford one, until then quit bitchin about something you don't have. Doesn't make much sense.

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    Apple is ganna BLOW our minds with the next iPhone, doesn't matter if it's bigger or common. It's apple we're talking about

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    Haha maybe Its not that I can't afford one, did you ever think that I just don't want one?!!? Just wait for next September when the new pad2 comes out... You will feel stupid that you bought 1st one. That the reason Im complaining bout apples products... Because they put 1-2 better features on their next item wich should have came with the original

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