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Thread: Physical Keyboard Case for iPhone

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    Default Physical Keyboard Case for iPhone

    If you miss the days when all smartphones had physical keyboards, then you’ll love the new TK-421 iPhone Case with Flip-Out Keyboard. ThinkGeek will be releasing this new keyboard case for iPhone 3GS and 4 users in November for $49.99. The case connects to the iPhone via Bluetooth, so it doesn’t block the dock connector. Unfortunately, this case is not compatible with the iPhone 3G, as Apple chose not to include Bluetooth support for this model due to speed concerns. If you’re a fan of the T-Mobile Sidekick flip around keyboard, then you’ll love the way this new keyboard case flips around.

    If you’re like me, you took some time getting used to the iPhone’s touch-screen keyboard. Like most, I soon adapted to the feeling of typing on glass. But some users still long for the tactile feeling of an actual keyboard, while not wanting to give up their iPhones. As it is now, iPhone users must watch the screen as they type, or risk making mistakes while using the onscreen keyboard. The design may be convenient, but if you find yourself writing anything longer than a text message, a real keyboard becomes something of a necessity. Adding a physical keyboard to an iPhone, users will now be able to type by touch, not necessarily needing to watch the screen the whole time.

    If you’re a diehard Star Wars fan, the model name TK-421 may sound familiar to you. TK-421 is the name of the Stormtrooper Luke knocks out in the original Star Wars movie. I hope George doesn’t find out about this or he may get his lawyers involved. That would be a shame because this is just the sort of product some people have been waiting for.

    Source: ThinkGeek

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    Nice commercial

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    This will be an epic fail....who agrees?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drjailbreakMD View Post
    This will be an epic fail....who agrees?

    If people don't like touch keyboards that much, I doubt they would own an iPhone to begin with.

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    It looks awkward to hold.

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    I think the phone would be too heavy and make holding it awkward just the keyboard.

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    I don't think people should talk so much crap on these designs to have a physical keyboard on iPhone. If you don't like it, just ignore it. Although the design for the last one that slides up was much better.


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    My mom could use it. She's new to the iPhone and loves her 4 but misses a physical keyboard. Thanksgiving day present in the making.

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    I want one. This looks tight.

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    decent idea, but it'll probably fail
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    Quote Originally Posted by elementvdz View Post
    If you don't like it, just ignore it.
    If people ignored what they didn't like, where would we be?!

    OnTop: Looks bulky. And it fits iphone 3/4...2 diff sizes...weird

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    I kinda like it. It would make text n driving impossible though.

    I should probably get this just because it would probably make text n driving impossible..

    @ Elementvdz, there was a slider one or just a design for one? I think that would be fresh.

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    I thought I'd hate the iPhone keyboard before I got it, but I prefer it over the physical I had on my htc touch pro. It's funny, I was out to lunch at subway a couple weeks back, and this old dude was like "how the hell do u know what you're typing? How do u hit all those letters without screwing up?" haha
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    Woh woild wany thsjn i type hsur fine usig th schren

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    Total ghetto!
    "Don't hold it like that!"

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    This looks like it would just make the iPhone even bigger!!
    I like my slim iPhone 4 as It is...
    Never did like the whole physical keyboard any ways. Plus am so use to my iPhones keypad that I type without looking at the phone most of the time... Kinda memorized where the keys are already.

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    That's ugly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by robertr1 View Post
    It looks awkward to hold.
    It probably is! xD
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