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Thread: MMi Weekly Jailbreak AppStore Update

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    Quote Originally Posted by ischol-ar View Post
    Wait, what about Synchroncity? now that app is useful.
    synchronicity is cool, but i have the problem of getting it to work with wi-fi sync.

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    This is an awesome thread. I always find myself refreshing the changes in Cydia to find new and useful apps. Keep it up!!!

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    Ok, so I installed Gridlock, then uninstalled iBlank. And my icon shadows came back. Then I installed "no icon shadows" turned it on in WB, but still have icon shadows...

    Do I have to keep iblank installed?


    FIXED!!! - Reinstalling iBlank fixed it. Not sure what the real deal is though.
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    there needs to be an addon for a volume bar on the multitasking dock mp3 controls

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    gridlock and no bookmarks are a win for me. But, I don't want to pay for gridlock..yes i know it's a small amount of money blah blah i paid for an iphone blah blahh...but man some of these options to pay for could have easily been implemented. I hate paying for stuff that should come default on a phone. Don't judge me....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MindGem View Post
    Disable native multitasking and install proswitcher.

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    Hmm, every time I install Proswitcher, my phone reboots into safe mode. Apparently it's not working correctly on my 3gs.

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    gridlock and yourtube 2 are the best.

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    can anyone help me with setting up ijdownloader?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Featherbeard View Post
    Hmm, every time I install Proswitcher, my phone reboots into safe mode. Apparently it's not working correctly on my 3gs.
    I was having the same issues with both mutlimusic and proswitcher. Proswitcher would crash Springboard randomly, but MMusic would do it during any incoming call or if I decided to use Voice Control (which I use a lot going to/from work).

    Unfortunately, until those bugs are worked out, I'm pretty much out of money... The one time I actually put [a little] money into a non-AppStore App and it constantly screws up my phone...
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    looks great and at .99 cents is hard to pass up.

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    Anybody having any issues with GridLock? It installed just fine for me, and it works well. I love it. However, every time I respring, it reverts back to an arrangement that I had the icons in earlier today. I have to drag icons and folders back where I want them, and the next time I respring... Dammit the icons moved back again!

    Since I just had to restore my device (something from Cydia or Rock really messed my proximity sensor up), I'm constantly reinstalling things and respringing... It's annoying to have to move everything back to where I want it constantly.

    I'm gonna fiddle around with some other apps an settings to see if maybe there's a nasty app interaction, like maybe GridLock doesn't like Iconoclasm or something.

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    ^ are you using categories?

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    No. I don't like Categories. It is installed, automatically with 8os theme, but I haven't touched it.

    And get this. I didn't do anything weird, but now, everytime I move an icon, Springboard crashes to Safe Mode. I uninstalled GridLock and it didn't do anything. I'm going to go on an uninstalling rampage through Cydia now, since I only have less than a day's worth of apps on here. And like my previous problems, I bet uninstalling stuff won't fix it and I'll have to restore again.

    Am I the only one that has these issues? It's making me appreciate jailbreaking less and less.

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    levirules i have the exact same proximity sensor issue u have!!
    i need to restore to but im delaying it cuz i wanna keep my appstore apps in contact and i dont like itunes backups.
    i have some issue where after i set the brightness and lock then unlock my iphone, it will be on the previous brightness setting

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