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Thread: Apple Hints at Future 3D-Capable iPhones in New Patent Applications

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    That's what Nintendo is doing!

    Oh well, I guess iPhone 3D would be nice. Hopefully glasses-free as well like the 3DS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kuhndsn View Post
    WHAT??? Does this have to do with the news topic?

    Well the iPod was not the first MP3 player and look how successful it is/was.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awesomeiPod View Post
    That's what Nintendo is doing!

    Oh well, I guess iPhone 3D would be nice. Hopefully glasses-free as well like the 3DS.
    Silly. Stereoscopic 3D is to make things "pop" from the display. This is 3D like polygonal 3D graphics, which became the norm for videogames in the mid 1990s and, indeed, have been available on the regular Nintendo DS since launch in 2004.

    It's saying that it can create a 3D scene/model for rendering using a combination of sensor data. If it can track you walking around a car and use the GPS/gyro to know exactly where the camera was pointed, it can build a 3D model of that environment/object with the right software. Intel announced something like it at an IDF conference many years ago.

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    This is going to be sweet I can't wait.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mmurphmsu View Post
    Well the iPod was not the first MP3 player and look how successful it is/was.
    dont forget about the iPad. Its a kindle on steroids
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    See, this is the kind of thing that has to happen on every generation of iPhone from now on. In my mind, unless I'm forgetting something, all of the hypothetical features that we've been talking about since the first iPhone was released have been implemented. I'm saying front facing cam, multitasking, 720p video; all the obvious stuff. From here on out they're going to have to A. Obviously improve on these things that already exist but also B. Start implementing things that we've never even thought of, at least not realistically. Technology is about to take a turn towards the unexpected since it evolves exponentially and we're heading upwards very quickly. But I agree about the iPhone 4 jb :-).

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    Now if only Apple would allow me to play my PS3 on my Iphone, haha

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    I wonder if apple will fix the antenna problem on the iPhone 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eZStaR View Post

    Mate, you need to closely read what Apple is trying to do and what Nintendo has already done.
    One thing that every one has to agree on is Apple ALWAYS delivers. They have always added such features which make them #1, which no other phone/device has ever released, aka gyroscope. And obv pretty soon you can see HTC and moterola copying them.

    Have you even seen the features that iPhone has which no other phone has ever attempted to do? I mean really lol.
    You mean like the magical antenna ring around the phone?

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    To multiply the already super kick *** potential of this idea I have 2 words: holographic display.

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    I was very excited with the inception of 3D tv and am salivating over the concept of 3D mobile technology. The next step following handheld 3D devices, in logical progression, would have to be self-navigating automobiles right?... or more accurately named "aumatic-mobiles" since the prefix auto means self. No more automobiles?! Nice.

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    C'mon Apple, skip 3D, go 4D!

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