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Thread: Apple Looking into Sluggish iPhone 3G After iOS4 Upgrade

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    Default Apple Looking into Sluggish iPhone 3G After iOS4 Upgrade

    The users forum over at Apple tells the story of the latest concern that should be - and probably is - on the minds of those at Apple. As it turns out, plenty of iPhone 3G owners - and perhaps you're one of them - are greatly disappointed with their decision to upgrade to the new iOS4. Why? It seems more than a few users who have done so now find themselves with an iPhone of "degraded quality" - that is, a device that operates slower and and much less fluidly than before.

    One registered user (registered as George Stark) complained: “My iPhone 8Gb 3G is soooo slow after ‘upgrading’ to OS4. Unlocking the phone sometimes takes 5-10 seconds and the home screen icons literally stop converging halfway through and then 2 seconds later, finish off. Other things are ridiculously slow, such as opening and replying to texts. Good one Apple, maybe you want us all to upgrade to the iPhone 4 so that OS4 actually runs at a manageable speed?”

    George isn't alone. In fact, Apple is right there with him - at least in terms of possessing a curiosity as to why this is happening on a more frequent basis (although it isn't exactly clear just how widespread this problem is). Apple, according to the folks at Wired, is now looking into the complaints. “We are aware of these reports and we are investigating,” an Apple rep told the publication.

    We may not have an official response from Apple for some time, but it's clear to many that the decision to make models prior to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3gs compatible with iOS4 was ill-advised. As Wired reminds us, the "S" in 3GS stands for "speed." With a substantially slower processor in the iPhone 3G, it's quite possible that iOS4, while "compatible" with the iPhone 3G in theory, may not actually not be such a wise move in practice - at least not if "speed" is a major objective in your iPhone user experience.


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    At least they are still taking care of the 3G users.


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    omg this is the best thing to come home and see after a long night at the bar. I cannot take how slow my phone has become.

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    Jb 4.0 3G phones are slow i can testify to that. Stock ones though I haven't seen been too bad but it is a little more noticeable. However, the firmware is like 579mb whereas prior firmwares are 250mb ish each. Maybe that's why lol

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    I had that problem with mine and even with my iPhone4. A restore and starting from scratch fixed it. It sucked having to reenter all my numbers and other things, but it did work. Might be a setting that carries over that the new OS doesn't like.

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    You said It so die. Lol jk
    Anyways apparently Disabling spotlight makes a 3G on ios4 faster.

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    They will just take it and cut it down even more for the 3G and probably loose alot of the features everyone likes. I like to see the final product on this one.

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    If they do like they did for the 2G then 4.X is the last major firmware release for the 3G.

    At least that looks how they may move along with the stop of 2G support. Eventually 3G will be phased out and so forth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by holdemdogg View Post
    They will just take it and cut it down even more for the 3G and probably loose alot of the features everyone likes. I like to see the final product on this one.
    What more would they cut down? All that was really added was folders.

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    3G shouldnt even have OS4. why do people even own a 3G anymore? I gave mine to my daughter and it still has 3.1.2 but shes 3 and it works perfect for her
    no spam

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    Oh, I don't know. Why do we have a 3G still??? Want to buy a new one for me dad? Can I join the family plan with you and mom?

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    I think they need phase it out. probably the smartest thing apple can do. No reason to fix a device that's over 2 years old

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    3G owners should stay away from iOS 4, it doesn't have the resources to run it stably. My friend upgraded, it's totally lagged up now. I use a 3GS and 4 both run great iOS 4. 3G doesn't have the performance to run it.

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    Haha, this is for all the people with 2G's and want 4.0 on their iPhones... (I have a 2G, so no, I'm not advocating buying a new iPhone every year as it comes out, but if it fails with the 3G, it's going to fail harder with the 2G)

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    Sold my 3G 8gb for more than I paid for my iPhone 4

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    The 3G iPhones processor is just to slow to handle it properly. It's like trying to install windows vista on a desktop 5 years old it will work but will be slow as hell and will crash constiently.

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    i had the issue but it went away once i upgraded to 4.0.1

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    2G=3G Processor. If 2G is not allowed to upgrade to 4.0, why would they let the 3G upgrade? The only thing faster in the 3G is well, the 3G. Stupid.

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    I've been with AT&T since 1984 and after iOS4 update my phone went from I love it, to the F*** with this crap, called AT&T about phone losing internet connection to droping calls or using "Edge" only. Before iOS4 I never had this issue with my 3gs 32 gig. I gave AT&T a call, recommend turn phone off then on, still problem, AT&T call Apple for help, back and forth we go. Well AT&T if you are reading this "SPRINT" works like a champ.

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    WNx I don't kno if you know this but as bad as this sounds your one line doesn't mean one thing to Att their Corp America. And Att would not have been your problem that would have been a hardware/ software issue. Unless A ur sim went bad ( highly doubtful) or B a tower was being worked on in your area.

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