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Thread: "3.5G" iPhone 4 Blazes (Where Supported)

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    Ocean Springs, MS. Not bad for this area.
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    Yeah I noticed these speeds last night.
    I am in New York City.
    My speedtest app put me at 3809 down and 1820 up.

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    I guess my speed is good right

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    Getting 1029kbps down and 170kbps up in North Central Texas with my i4. Not great but a lot better than Edge that we used to have.
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    we've had 3.5g for awhile. Constantly able to get between 1.5-3mbs in Colorado

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    Quote Originally Posted by LastSonOfKrypton View Post
    Awesome! Hey AT&T, how about you focus on getting 3G to your customers who don't have it before you worry about 4G? Try catching up to Verizon in 3G coverage first!

    Ugh, I essentially live along the NY State Thruway more or less and I live in the one area of the thruway without 3G. It's about a 60 mile stretch with no 3G and yeah, my area isn't the most populated but jeez!

    One of the mods on here knows where I live (I forgot who though)
    That would be stupid. While everyone else is working on their 4G (Sprint, Verizon, even T-Mobile), you want AT&T to work on their 3G? Yea their 3G sucks balls, but come on.

    Anyways, I'm in Denver and my max so far is 550 down.

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    Default Confirmed in Houston
    Did not believe it until I read this article and tried the speed test. Sure enough:

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    w00t.. Getting 3.3 here in KC

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    The difference between my iPhone 3G and my iPhone 4 is amazing.

    iPhone 3G consistently got 800-1000 kbps down and 300-500 kbps up on the cell network here in Springfield, MO.

    iPhone 4 now gets 2500-4450 kbps down and 800-1300 kbps up. BAM!

    WiFi is even better ... used to get 4500-6000 kbps down; now I get 9000-10000 kbps! Upload on WiFi remains the same as the upload on cell for me, though.

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    gotta rep denver

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    989kbps download
    555kbps upload

    I live in Boston. But I get crappy reception in my condo.

    Off topic: How do I edit, quote, and add photos to posts? Can this be done from the iPhone?
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    hahaha cody i actually laughed out loud on your post.

    man that sucks

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    Default Good Speed by the Apple stor
    I get really good speed by the Apple store by 5 miles away its less than 1/3 the speed.
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    I thought we were saving the "3.5G" moniker for HSPA+ so that we can take the high-road while complaining about T-Mobile calling their HSPA+ "4G speeds." What gives?

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    164/41 2G on Edge Kalamazoo, MI. fml

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    753kbps/179kbps in youngstown ohio

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    Default Chicago, IL
    As of 6-28-10 on the iPhone 4
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    i'm getting 2399 down/1240 kbps up. whats funny is on wifi i'm 10,259mbps down and only 357 mbps up. 3g is faster on uploads.

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    mine sucks in vegas

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