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Thread: - WWDC Coverage

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoostedEvoIX View Post
    i have heard of people getting early elegibiliy upgrades even when they got their new 3gs last year, wtf?!!!! Anyone call ATT and complain?
    Why would you complain of such a thing? People are getting early upgrade if their previous upgrade date was 2010.

  2. #82 now has all the info up on the iphone 4. the multitasking looks amazing.

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    just noticed the specs show that it only has a Micro SIM tray...

    i haven't been in the states for a while now... are these hard(er) to get a hold of if you're not using whatever carrier apple wants?

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    test post

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    I hope all you have to do is cut your sim or else all T-mobile users are F'd

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    the new iphone using micro sim? or normal sim?
    no spam

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zeal View Post

    Wonder how all the Apple people feel about this website
    Late to the game on this convers but I was just thinking the same thing when going through this. Mmmm ModMyi. But I think they only cared about booting gizmodo. MMi has not really been trouble to Apple after all the name changes I don't think. After all MMi loves Apple and all things Apple.

    I wonder if Planetbeing's had anything under it.
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    This just saddens me. $99? Is this price calculated by once again depriving workers of their lives and happiness?

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    Jobs having an issue with getting the iPhone to work is Priceless!!!!! Amen to the gods who made that happen!!!!

    Sold the 3G on the bay, waiting for my D...R...O...I...D.

    Good luck to you all!!!

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    Just really upset that they left it at only 256mb RAM for the Iphone4. Does anybody know if they improved the processor speed? There is not much mention of improvements to the processor and RAM..

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