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Thread: "Barroom iPhone" Disassembled: Looks Legit

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    Default "Barroom iPhone" Disassembled: Looks Legit
    [ame=]YouTube - Gizmodo: This Is Apple's Next iPhone[/ame]

    The plot thickens.

    A supposed fourth-generation iPhone somehow made its way to Jason Chen of Gizmodo, with the story that it was found on the floor of a bar in either San Jose or Redwood City. Others claim it is an "open secret" that Chen bought the device from someone who stole it from Apple a week ago. However he came by it, once Chen had his hands on the device he did what any self-respecting modder would do: he took it apart. And what he found - components with Apple logos silkscreened on them, normal iTunes and System Profiler behavior (though with unique identifiers for any existing phone) - convinced him that this is the real deal.

    As has long been rumored, the fourth-generation iPhone has a front-facing video chat camera. The rear-case camera lens is larger than the one on the iPhone 3GS, and there is a flash. The device uses a Micro-SIM instead of standard SIM, and apparently a glass or ceramic back. The display is apparently much improved. Chen said he couldn't figure out the resolution of the screen because he couldn't get past the "Connect to iTunes" icon: Apple had apparently remotely bricked the phone when they found out it was missing, but he says it was "impossible to discern individual pixels." The phone also has separate buttons for volume-up and volume-down that are metallic, as are the power and mute buttons. Chen also reports a secondary mic by the headphone jack that he believes is used for noise cancellation.

    They found that the device had a fit and finish that convinced them it couldn't possibly be a fake. The kicker, though: John Gruber of Daring Fireball got word through one of his contacts at Apple that a prototype iPhone has gone missing... "and they want it back."

    Click through to Gizmodo for the pics.
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    Ohhhh I want one!!!!!!
    I love my iPhone Cydia style.

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    Wow this could be Big !!!!
    are there any processor specs or flash memory specs ?
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    I think this is real. Too much effort for someone to make a fake, they would have to make almost more than an iphone and the fact that it behaves like an iphone when connected to a computer, too much effort the people out there trying to cash in. I do not believe the finish of this phone is the actual finish, I severely hope not, the curved back is essential for sitting in my hand when doing anything with the phone. I think this is enough to last for now information wise.

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    Holy crap! Now we need the dev team or someone else to hack it out of brick mode

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    I read the article from Giz. I was a sceptic before and now I'm on the fence. There seens to be no mention of the CPU speed is this using the A4 like the iPad?.

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    He talks about all of the new features in a video here:
    This Is Apple's Next iPhone - Iphone 4 - Gizmodo

    I still don't know if I buy it. I'm not going to assume anything with these rumors until the actual event.
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    I think it looks good...certainly a b bit different than the current rounded look. My main issue is that now I will need a new case again!
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    ching chang chong.

    let me translate: CHINESE KNOCK-OFF

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    I think it looks fairly legit. I actually like the design more than the current versions. I think this could have been staged by Apple. Maybe they're looking to see what the public re-action will be about the slight re-design. I'll buy one when it's available.

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    I really really like the look actually. I am so glad i wanted and didnt get the 3GS.

    i hope not to be dissapointed.

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    noway why is the iphone 4g looks thick?
    and what's wrong with the side keys?
    hope this is fake

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    meh, was hoping for a larger screen like the HD2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ro0oney View Post
    noway why is the iphone 4g looks thick?
    and what's wrong with the side keys?
    hope this is fake

    In Engadget site, they show this phone next to a 3GS. It's actually thinner than a 3GS.

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    I actually like the look; less shine and plastic!

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    There is no doubt in my mind that this phone is the real deal. From the moment I seen the pictures to the remarks swirling around its lost and found status.

    If it is in fact stolen and Chen knew it when he bought it that is illegal.

    Now weather its a prototype or not I can bet we will not know till June 2010!
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    this has to be legit go over to gizmodo and read the full article p.s. i want one

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    This is legit here's a article about it with pictures also comparing it to a iPhone 3gs iPhone 4G / HD Review - Pictures and Videos | Redmond Pie

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    I like it! As long as there is a 64 GB version I'll buy one. If not I'll hold on to my 32 GB 3GS till the next generation
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    looks like a first gen ipod nano

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