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Thread: Stupid "Jailbrake" Scam Spreads Malware

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    Never pay for jailbreak software, they use the jailbreak software that is released for free.

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    lol oh geez.

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    Epic fail tbh.

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    Man the opinions on this subject really do show that some of the members have the maturity of a pea. Lets face it the iphone is a phone, a nice one but still a phone. Every person will have their own idea of what they want to do with it, and for some it will need to be jailbroken. Personally I have never needed mine to be jailbroken, it has done everything I needd it to do and more just as it came to me from Apple. Now however it do need it to do more, I need the mywi, as it will save me fro having to pay ATT to have 3g on my ipad. This is, however the only reason I need it to be jailbroken. That bieng said, there is a line between how much I need that feature and how much time I would have to devote to actually learning all the ins and outs of jailbreaking my iphone.
    My point is that not everyone who does not do countless hours of research on jailbreaking is an idiot. Some people do just want a simple solution, not a life change.
    Simple example, how many out there can actually rebuild the engine in their car? How many could even change the oil? Does it make you an idiot if you cannot rebuild the engine in your car? Trust me there are alot of ways to improve on any stock car, motorcycle or boat. Some people actually want more performance but do not want to learn to completely rebuild their engine, they will hire someone to do that. This is the case of some people paying for a jailbreak service, they feel that someone who has the knowledge to rebuild the engine can do the work better and safer than them trying on their own. The amount of work to learn to rebuild an engine is way more than they need for a one time fix up of their car.

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    Yea but it is also that these sites that are selling jailbreaks are using software that is free and the teams try to put that in the software so even after the people buy it they can try and fight for money back since it is free.

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    I agree there but a lot of times you do not find out they are selling you freeware until it is too late, if my wife decided she wanted her phone jail broken she would for sure want it done for her, she would not want to try and learn how to do it, that is just her, and believe me when I tell you she is not dumb. Some people just do not want to learn. Now if it involved making a bacteria that eats plastic she would be all over it, and she did, she even has a patent for it.

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    pwn noobs lol jailbrake

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