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Thread: Has Apple Killed Palm? If So, Will Apple Buy Palm?

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    That would be like buying a Zune!

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    just buy them and shut them down lol

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    ^umm, did you happen to attend the fail univerity of business?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wgm214 View Post
    the pre has great software, i personally don't own one but had it been more successful and gotten a hardware revision i would definitely consider upgrading to it over the iphone 4g
    What a crappy comment! Here you are saying you would upgrade to a palm over the 4g iPhone and it's not even released yet ! Dufuss

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    That's sad. =/ I hope the buyer let's them work independently, but just buy them for the technologies.

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    Time to sell palm stock......
    +0.88 (17.55%) today as APR 12, 2010....hahahahahhaha
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    Ouch! They really got owned!
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    Hahaha that is great news I hate the palm pixi

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    Apple is going after Palm's assets. If the price is right, then I think Apple should go after it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tudtran View Post
    Apple is going after Palm's assets. If the price is right, then I think Apple should go after it.
    So the name will change to iApalm........

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    Ummmm, when did Apple care about patents? They buy Palm they will get them; if another company that is not huge buys them they will use them anyway and end up buying the patents.

    Thought I would beat others to that punch line.

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    Their were lots of reasons for palms demise. One particularly important reason is that they released their phone and OS that was going to save the company and Sprint, only they took over 6 months to release their SDK, so there was no software available. Early adopters quickly got rid of the phone especially with the thousands of apps available for the iPhone and Android OS.

    Poor planning if you ask me.

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    And after Apple takes over Palm they'll eating up Motorola too. Then, who knows, maybe they'll invade Poland and France too.

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    I know we live in a throw away, dog eat dog [place your cliché here] world but Palm indeed has a great past, it would be a shame to let it go to waste because of a small series of recent bad mistakes. Remember all the great (free) software there was on the palm, back in the day!

    A medium size revolution in Palm OS in updated hardware would do consumers a world of good, because a choice of google or apple cannot be all there is.

    1.5 cents worth, no refund either :-)

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    Poor palm Evn though I have seen and used only one palm device in ma entire life XP

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    didnt know palm was doing this badly. hmmm...yes apple should acquire and crush.
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    the Pre was Palm's last ditch attempt to salvage it's finances - unfortunately they didn't have the muscle to get in on one of the big carriers in the USA - if they had then they would not be in this situation now.

    I hope Palm will be able to continue in some form and isn't just bought by one of the big companies for their patents. They have a lot of innovative people and it would be a shame to see them disappear.
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    I agree, I think webos was a last push to try and get noticed right before being sold. I kinda felt that was their plan all along; to be bought.

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    No, the plan was for it to save them. It's a pity it didn't.
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    It is but I don't know right before WebOS was announced it felt like they were fishing on being bought out. Just to me it felt that way.

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