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Thread: iPhone 4.0 Gets Multitasking, Bluetooth Keyboards, 5x Digital Zoom... and More!

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    Any word on changes to the messaging (SMS/MMS) system? I think the 4.0 update looks fantastic, but I'd really miss things like quick send/reply and enhanced privacy options found in apps like iRealSMS.

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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Finally the 3GS Tap to focas video, and love a bit of multi tasking!!

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    how many slots do you get if you buy a dev kit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moneybanks14 View Post
    how many slots do you get if you buy a dev kit?

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    sweet i think im going to purchase one right now should be able to make the money back easily.

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    Still having WIFI problems... from reading the board it sounds as though only 1 other person is having no WIFI?
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    when registering for dev kit do you have to register as a company to get the slots or do you get them as an individual as well?

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    Where do you download the ibooks app from, its not in the spp store?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stickman1000000 View Post
    wow what a crap update.

    can already do all that stuff with jailbreaking. 3.0 and 4.0 have been useless updates. except for bluetooth multiplayer in apps that the only good should try go for a speed increase in firmware like 2.2.1 was faster than 3.0. was also hoping for a complete change in the user interface to make themeing more fun.
    If you have used 4.0 you would shut up because it is a LOT faster. The stock apps open lightning fast and when the devs update their apps with the new accelerator tools provided in the SDK, they will also be faster.

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    I have an iphone 2g. I'm on T-mo's network and haven't really found a reason to upgrade as I can't access 3g from it anyway. I do wish they would release 4.0 for the 2g iphone, even if every new feature was disabled and at least I could play new apps/games being released. I'm currently on 3.0 and can't play a few of the apps as I need 3.1 (I know, I'm just lazy about upgrading). But, not being able to access 4.0 at all will suck. Next year, all 3G users will probably experience the same thing as well.

    The one thing, I'm fairly shocked they didn't include (I'm basing what they did include off this forum, as I didn't watch the event) is the ability to do voice texting. With it becoming illegal in a lot of areas to text while driving, speech-to-text is something available with Android, that I think will be standard on most phone by the end of this year.

    This is the only thing that sucks about once a year major updates. Apple won't implement it until 2011 at the earliest, unless they make it an iphone 4g only thing.

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    OS4.0 is ridiculously fast. Spell check is now present, even though one would think that in a spell check event that it would just auto correct if there is only a single choice.

    But man is this thing super sharp now. It's like the 3GS was down a cylinder the whole time.

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    oh man im so jealous, i want to get it

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    Has anyone successfully upgraded to 4.0 using Windows XP or Windows 7?

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    Hey stealth any chance u still have a spot open? It would be greatly appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by santaf View Post
    it's not a crap update the reason why people jailbreak is because the stock firmware doesn't have these things. apple finally puts it on then you call it crap? we all know we can do all these things because of jailbreak, but if apple eventually allows all these things and themes then people will have no reason to jailbreak and the annoyingness of having to wait until a jailbreak comes out for the new updates because we will have what we have been wanting :P
    Agreed! I love jailbreaking but would rather not have to. Folders and multitasking get me half way there. If we could just get lock screen widgets and better notifications that would be great.

    You will always have someone saying this update or the next is crap or the next iteration of the iPhone was a fail. They are just ignorant.

    Quote Originally Posted by NakedFaerie View Post
    Till then I am forced to jailbreak so I will continue to use cracked apps also.
    Yeah because those $1 and $2 apps are really breaking the bank account huh?
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    I'm waiting till the upgrading to 4.0 for me

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    hey all,
    just bought the dev sdk and all that.
    i see people are looking for slots.
    i have no idea how or where to find these at the moment because i am new to this developing lark.
    thought i might try making some apps.

    anyway, sorry if there is a thread for this, but i see folks asking for slots.
    to any other developers, namely stealth, where do i find where my slots are?

    are they in the xcode download because i am in the process of downloading now.
    and if it's allowed, spank me if its not, who wants a slot and what should i charge, if anything at all?

    sorry again if it's bad what i posted, someone pm me and i'll do whats right in the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by geo411m View Post
    This update almost removes the need to jailbreak.
    Never a reason not to Jailbreak. Period

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    I'd be interested in a spot if someone would be so kind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridingsupreme View Post
    Never a reason not to Jailbreak. Period
    Notice I said almost. I'm still going to have to disagree with you. People jailbreak their idevices for different reasons. For some, it's custom backgrounds which this updates addresses. For others, it's the ability to background their apps such as pandora. Again this update addresses that. I know these are most of my reason to jailbreak and I'm sure there are others who would agree with me.

    Does that mean I would stop jailbreaking? No... I still like to have a choice of apps that only cydia brings plus I use mywi a lot for tethering more than one device at a time. So even if you feel this isn't a strong enough update to get you off the jailbreak train; know that others may not feel the same way.
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