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Thread: InfiniBoard - Vertical Scrolling Comes To Your SpringBoard

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    chpwn, this is an amazing mod for the iPhone! As someone mentioned earlier this goes well with many themes along with springjumps. Only thing I would like to see there is a way to disable horizontal swiping between the pages.

    Not sure if it could be a feature of Infiniboard, or perhaps something you'd be interested in cooking up..? if anyone's capable it's surely you mate!

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    Hello guys,

    Just wanted to know if there is a 50 icon limit per page to infiniboard. Can't seem to add more than that.


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    I have 7X7 applied with infiniboard using shrink at 25%. Got well over 50 icons per page

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    chpwn, I don't know if you still keep up to date on this thread, but I've had a really weird issue tonight and I wanted to get your input on it.

    I was purchasing a few apps from the App Store, when Colloquy took the last spot in a row (let's say the 7th row) on my second page. Colloquy finished installing, and at that moment I may or may not have been holding an icon down at the time, and suddenly my SimplyTweet app had an extra duplicate icon on the 8th row. From that point on, everything started lagging like crazy. I could still lock the screen, unlock, input my password, etc. but it took 5 times longer. I also couldn't successfully scroll from page to page.

    I SSH'd in and took a look at the "top" command to find that Springboard was taking up all of the CPU. I was able to reboot once through SBSettings, where it crashed to safe mode where everything worked lag-free, and I went back to normal mode where it was laggy again. From that point on, I could no longer get back into safe mode. Thankfully I had Cydia on my favorites list for Kirikae, but Springboard took up so much CPU that Cydia never finished loading. I then remembered I had Aptitude installed, so I ran that through SSH and managed to uninstall Infiniboard. After uninstallation, everything worked fine again. As a test, I rebooted, reinstalled Infiniboard, and got the same lag so I uninstalled via Aptitude again.

    I don't remember if I had upgraded Infiniboard prior to this incident happening or not. I think I did, but I'm not positive.

    Have you gotten any similar reports with the new update? I'm wondering if my issue is just a freak coincidence or if it happened as a result of the upgrade. But even then it was working fine after I upgraded until I started adding some App Store apps, so I'm leaning more towards coincidence. Either way, I can no longer install Infiniboard without Springboard choking, and I wanted to know if there's any way I can reset things further than simply uninstalling Infiniboard.

    Thanks in advance for any insight you might have.

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    this is da shizzle chpwn! though there is alot alot of future for it! can't wait to see this grow. pls do keep up your endavours. kick as-s...

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    Me likey, thankyou!.
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    iPhone 4 update maybe..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetjshow View Post
    iPhone 4 update maybe..?

    I really liked the InfiDock and really missed it when I upgraded to IOS4!

    It was finally updated to IOS4 a day or so ago!

    Infiniboard has not been updated as of yet seem he has some new software but I would like support for the software he has already sold

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    fan of this one. cool app as always from them.

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    ınfinidock dowloant???

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