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Thread: A Bad Week for Palm Pre... Thanks to Apple?

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    does anyone else think that flash really isnt that big of a deal ? i mean look at it. I mean if i could have the choice between Full perfectly working, i mean flawless flash but the battery life would be cut in half, i would never take flash.

    I dont think its a big deal to wait a little while longer till apple gets its sh#t figured out.

    As for the phones Apples Last year products are still being compared with brand new off the shelf stuff that came out yesterday... What does that say about the products.

    Plus its only gonna be another few months and the new iphone will be out.

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    oh snap! Good work Pre. - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    @Ibwizzle anytime

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    I think regardless of the outcome Steve Jobs isn't going to put flash on the iPhone, and honestly, he doesn't need to. The iPhone is going to sell regardless if it has flash or not, everyone at Apple knows this. I personally think it doesn't matter, I do think they definitely need multi-tasking though, no reason not to have it now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
    So the Pre getting an update and getting Flash is bad for Palm? Did I miss something?
    This. I mean, wtf?

    Pre gets an update that allows the device to use flash, this is bad for Palm why exactly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mprziv View Post
    This. I mean, wtf?

    Pre gets an update that allows the device to use flash, this is bad for Palm why exactly?
    It helps to read the thread to find out.

    Also, HTML5 (which the iPhone does support) can get away with a lot of the things flash is known for. There are so obvious disadvantages at the time (input being the main one, the majority of the html5 demos online use mouse input to dragging and clicking, which isn't possible with the iPhone (right now) even though the app itself work and loads on it.

    For example, the Gmail web app is based on HTML5 and allows for offline storage of recently opened mail/folders which you can browse and sort through while in airplane mode. There's a lot more support growing for HTML5, which can and should (hopefully) replace flash.
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    Pre notifications, multi-tasking, and gestures would make the iphone that much better. Don't have one myself (ipt user) but I'd heavily consider it if available in June. As for flash, I just don't see it happening for apple regardless of how well it turns out for webos/android. I'd definitely want it, but I've lived without it so it's not a dealbreaker.

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    I still don't get this obsession with Flash. I agree with Steve... it's an outdated technology that is dying a slow death. I don't miss it on my iPhone at all.
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    update, the new palm 2.0 is already out.

    Mess is always reporting some dumb news, they should get rid of the guy already. The pre gets an update and Apple takes the spotlight because they don't support flash?.. it doesn't make any sense to have this as featured news..
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    how do you like them apples?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
    Must be. My Droid just showed up and within 10 minutes of turning it on for the first time I'm absolutely in love, more so than I ever was when I first got an iPhone. I'm rooting it right now. It's insanely fast. I can't wait for Flash!

    Anyone want a brand new 16GB white iPhone 3G?
    Now you've dumped the iPhone, we won't have to put up with your troll talk about flash and Apple. Don't let the door hit your ASSS on the way out trollboy!! Hehe. GOODBYE!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
    I'm all for it as well, but I also think that the support should be there for the current technology, and not bank on what's going to be popular a few years down the road.

    As far as Flash on a Mac, I believe I read somewhere that Uncle Steve didn't give Adobe a whole lot to work with in the first place as far as coding and such, and they had to make it work on what they were given, which of course didn't work all that great once applied. I don't know how true it is, but it's just what I've heard out there.
    Oh trollboy, why are you still here? TROLL. Where is your evidence "you believe you read somewhere", what, on the Adobe website? EVERY third party coder get a copy of the OSX SDK release ahead of everybody else, so they can write their program to match the OS. All you have to do is sign on as a developer, it's that simple. I know. I develop and get these releases. What, can't Adobe sign up for free to get the SDK. Stop trolling and apologising for crap development by Adobe, fanboy. Now seeing as you have nothing constructive to contribute, take your toys and your droid and pi$$ off!
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    Pity you could never back your trash talk with any facts. It only make you look like a bigger fool. Adios trollboy.

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    Why is this a bad week for the Palm Pre? I don't get this article at all. If I owned a Pre I would be really excited about getting Flash. That's one of the big negatives with the iPhone. IMO Steve Jobs shouldn't be the one that decide's whether I have Flash on my iPhone or not. It's my damn iPhone and if I want to have Flash installed and live with the shorter battery life then I should have that option. Steve Jobs is just a Control Freak!
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    That makes me think of this:

    Except it's Steve Jobs, and the other guys are implementing Flash.

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