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Thread: Analyst: Cheaper, Better iPhones in June, Apple Even Richer

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    Quote Originally Posted by iBwizzle View Post
    The only reason the iPhone is so popular is because AT&T is subsidizing it! None other but a true Apple_Fan_Boy would pay full retail price. Everybody else are just followers. Apple has 25% of the phone market in the US I heard. That means 1 out of 4 people have the iPhone. Unlike the followers my iPhone is jailbroken and I get the best use of my phone. On top of that I pay $15 for my data plan. The followers pay $30 and are still locked in a contract. Enough said.
    Not really. I like the iPhone very much but I am not an Apple fanboy. I think the ipad, macbook etc all suck. I bought the first iPhone because it was basically everything in one elegant package. Bought the 3G and 3GS but had to buy the 3GS full price because I still had my contract from the 3G... Sold my 3G for $400 so the upgrade cost me $300 which isn't so bad.

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    What else is new...... every year a new phone, new options, new price, and screw the current owners with no-show promises........ unless they buy a new phone, and still can't get 3G in all areas. Blaaaaa, blaaaa, blaaaa!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos View Post

    So dose this mean there is a definite 4G coming up this summer??
    Nothing means that, until Apple say "there will be a new iPhone 4G this summer" lol

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    As a apple employee i would be hesitant on buying anymore stocks from them. Apple's ipod, iphone, ipad is not going to win over the competition

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    i predict it will be the same price
    killall Terminal[]

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    Yesterday me and some old high school class mate went out for reunion dinner. There was 12 of us and it totally blew me when I found out 10 of us is using an iPhone.

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    the image for this post is priceless.

    Looks like Steve just won the lottery. lol. - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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    Yeah the iPhone is very common and the mall kiosk have plenty accessories for ur iPhone. The dollAr store even sells iPhone accessories as $99 got the 3G in most peoples pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dale1v View Post
    As I do economics as a degree now, I kick myself for not buying stock when I was 10 years old.
    I bought at a little of $98. So glad I've stuck with them. Sold everything but them. Only wish I had more cash to buy more than 10 but hey I'll take it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by milkycloud View Post
    Yesterday me and some old high school class mate went out for reunion dinner. There was 12 of us and it totally blew me when I found out 10 of us is using an iPhone.
    That's exactly what I mean... The iPhone will soon saturate the phone market making it unpopular. Hence, decreasing sales. And to think people are whinning for the phone to come to all carriers. I'm willing to bet only 2 out of 12 was jailbroken. Enough said.

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