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Thread: Apple: No Location-Based Ads in Apps. Except Ours.

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    Default Apple: No Location-Based Ads in Apps. Except Ours.

    Apple is telling developers that they can't use the Core Location framework to deliver location-specific ads to iPhones, iPods and iPads, according to the News and Announcements page at Apple's iPhone Dev Center, and says that offending apps will not pass review by the App Store. At the same time, however, recent patent applications show a number of advertising and sales-related uses for location-based services on the iPhone.

    The Dev Center's blog posting today highlighted Core Location features, which provide the interface for allowing apps to access location and compass information. The posting warns, however, that devs must "make sure these features provide beneficial information." Any app that fails to meet this (somewhat vague and subjective) standard "will be returned to you by the App Store Review Team for modification before it can be posted to the App Store."

    Observers are questioning, though, whether this is Apple merely trying to provide ad-free experiences to its customer base, or avoid potential competition in the mobile ad business. Apple recently acquired Quattro Wireless, a mobile advertising provider, after allegedly making an effort to buy AdMob: the mobile ad firm that was bought by Google. And a number of its recent patents show that a significant part of Apple's research and development is going towards location-based advertising using their devices' GPS technology.

    The Register points out an Apple patent application called "Graphical User Interface with Location-Specific Interface Elements," which would allow users to buy media that was being played in a given location, like background music or video in a store. Another patent called "Location-Based Services," actually does provide advertising based on where the phone is in the form of a custom hyperlink, saying that "in some implementations, selecting the hyperlink triggers a sending of the coupon or other information (e.g., an advertisement) associated with the business to, for example, an email address of the user of the device."

    More recently, a patent application released this week described a way that users could share their current location with another iPhone user that they're in the middle of a phone call with using the two phones' GPS data.

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    Very clever. I would not allow any AdMob if I were them.

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    good! i wouldnt maybe that will help control some of the ads we are currently getting

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    id much rather see ads targeting china lol who cares.
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    Good. This doesn't hurt the consumer at all. It only hurts Google's bottom line... and perhaps some app developers, but that's on them to create more value and charge more up front.

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    WTG Apple - Developers will have to work with two different ad companies for their apps on different mobile if Google locks the developer into using their ad company (only if they are able to buy it)

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    makes no difference to me, I keep location services off or use sbsettings to toggle it quickly if I need it. Unless this uses device location without permission, that would piss me off.

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    Good news right here...

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    dude your sig is messed up. i'm using FF, wouldn't be caught dead sniffing IE 8's buttcrack.

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    Cool atleast we got your ip.

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    Well, I brought my phone from Newnan, GA to SoCal over a year ago and I still wonder how, say, Pandora Radio knows to deliver some targetted ads. Even on 3G (not jumping to WiFi) I'll get ads for SoCal and Atlanta-area, ususally even Newnan-specific, products and services. For example, I'll get "Newnan Apratment Homes!" and "San Diego Music Schools" right after each other, so it's not just looking at the phone's area code to extrapolate a general region. Even if it did, Atlanta has the largest local calling area in the world with three local area codes, so even that wouldn't get me Newnan-specific ads. They do SOMETHING to know what ads to deliver and it's something that still somehow links me to Newnan and my current location (San Diego). My brother, the account holder, still lives in Newnan and I kept the same number, but that doesn't explain the SD/SoCal ads I get.

    Quote Originally Posted by nktrnl View Post
    Cool atleast we got your ip.
    No. It says the same thing to me and I'm not even on Comcast, much less, sharing the same IP. Basically, he uploaded one as his sig and it's being hosted by MMi instead of linked to at danasoft where they can generate a new one for each request.

    I'm always hated those sigs so much because only idiots think that's scary or private information that's clever to reveal. Obviously, webservers have to know SOMETHING about the originating request to return/deliver the requested resource, be it a web page or a picture. Without a return IP, how can it? The other info is freely shared by the browser for site-specific customization. It's not personal info.
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    good i hate those
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