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Thread: iDroid Mini Browser: How Did Apple Let This One Get Away?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fodd1337 View Post
    YES! I'd pay A LOT for that!
    I wouldn't... but it would be a nice feature. Also, by a lot, do you mean 1.99??

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    hmm interesting...
    killall Terminal[]

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    When I first downloaded the app I notice that it was loading full web pages and not the mobile version. For example loaded the way and displayed exactly as it does on my desktop, but every since the last update it load the mobile version just like all other iphone browsers. Is there any way around this? Also some method of going back, or pulling up the menu, when in landscape mode, without having to rotate back to portrait mode would be nice.

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    It's fast, very fast.

    - But don't like shaking to exit fullscreen.

    - Be nice if you could import your favourites

    ... so I'll be sticking to the best (non-tabbing) browser : MultiTouch.

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    has potential but needs to be optimized

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    for any other browser to be better than safari it needs one feature.
    even if u kill the process of the browser, when u go back on the browser itll reload the last page u were on instead of going to homepage.

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    It needs a visible status bar (lock and unlock doesn't help unless you change SBSettings options), Page Up/Down, Home/End (jump to top/bottom), auto-save and load sessions/tabs (IMPORTANT!), open URL in new tab (something Safari can do), and jump to search results (not just highlight them). THEN I would be happy enough to say "bye bye" to standard mobile Safari for good.

    Other than the already-discussed settings problem which also affects URL keyboard and Google Suggestions... in Safari I can load, say the comments page on YouTube by clicking the link in my email notification. If I copy/paste that URL into iDroid, it launches the YouTube app and errors out after trying to play the video associated with those comments. If i visit, say, Anandtech, and copy/paste the URLs to the DailyTech articles on the right so I can have them open in different tabs, they each take me to the DailyTech homepage instead. I have to click them from the Anandtech page and read them one at a time. Even so, I actually ENJOY browsing with iDroid... unlike Safari.

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