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Thread: iDroid Mini Browser: How Did Apple Let This One Get Away?

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    its AWESOME!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tudtran View Post
    I got it for free from the App Store. It very slow for me. Does anybody else got the same problem?
    Ultra ultra slow. i don't know what the deal is, but everything else on the phone (including proswitcher) is running way smooth, and iDroid won't even let me type something without lagging the keyboard.

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    Yea it was slow for me too. I bet it gets yanked anyway

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    Not availible in the US according to my iTunes... Apple, why ya yank (we all knew ya would)

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    Slow for me too.. Either on wifi or 3g.. Worse.. Doesn't load Google Reader articles..

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    For me this browser is 10x faster at loading pages than safari. My mind is blown away

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    Cool Slowww
    Completely bogged down my 3gs. I think I only had about 70MB RAM left when I had it running. Usually running at about 160-170. Also, it covers the status bar, rendering SBSettings useless. I like the concept, but it needs an immediate upgrade. And obviously, Apple will pull it from the appstore. Or, at least, make the Dev. rename it. hah
    DELETED! Plus, it's not themed for Glasklart yet and I don't have the time to make a custom icon right now. I'll consider re-installing later if I hear of any promising updates.

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    Not at all impressed. Poorly designed IMO.

    I prefer the Mercury Web Browser Pro. Best full screen browser for me.

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    Not impressed. Having to rotate from landscape to portrait to get the menu up is rediculous.

    Why does this article make it seem like this browser is revolutionary? There are plenty of (better) multi-tab loading browsers on the app store.

    Is this even an official Droid product? The product description has been written in very poor English.

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    no, its not an official Android app

    the dev named it iDroid because of its Android broswer influences

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    very promising concept. just hope that they had made it a little better and it would have given real competition to Safari. at present it is missing true landscape mode wihch is a huge disadvantage.

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    I just traded my Moto Cliq for a new My Touch 3G Fender Edition, I've wanted to see how Android compares to iPhone OS and I've got to say it's not the best. Multi-tasking is nice and having a decent camera is fun, but honestly it's the small things that Apple thought about and applied to the iPhone that makes all the difference. The browsing is alright, (I've been using Dolphin mostly) but it's still a ton easier on the iPhone which is why I've stuck to using that instead of the My Touch 3G. Anyway, this browser is cool using it on the iPhone!

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    its actually free!!!

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    maby we should promote this app to piss off apple lolz

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    Quote Originally Posted by colbyclark70 View Post
    its actually free!!!
    ...and fast!

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    tell them to talk to adobe and get some native flash and ill forget safari exist!
    Yeah, you'll be the coolest person in the room when you pull one out and show it around, but that gets old fast when three other people have them and one person somehow has one that glows in the dark.
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    Requires 3.1.2... ugh.
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    It was very snappy for me at first, bogged down real fast with only two tabs open. That's what I get for keeping a first gen, 2G phone. The app's a memory hog by its nature, and I don't have memory to spare! I can report that it runs noticeably better in safe/game mode with more memory available.

    On that subject, is there a good "freeing up memory" thread on here? I know I can uninstall or disable Mobile Substrate add-ons, for example, but how do I tell how much memory each one uses?

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    U guys know that the "google" app works just like a browser... right? And it looks almost like the Android browser.

    I downloaded iDroid. It is suprisingly fast - maybe faster than Safari. It just seems a little bare at the moment - So I will hold off on using it exclusively.

    The tabbed browsing works great! I love how I can load one tab, switch to another tab, and load something else, and then by that time I can go back to the first tab and the page is 100% up and ready to go.

    Can't do that ^ with Safari - unless insomnia is used? Haven't tried it.


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    Obviously it's gorgeous, and the features and amazing and it's a pleasure to use. Waaay better than Safari. But the fact is that it lags like crazy and slows down my 3Gs, the type of slowdown that used to plague me on the old 3G 24/7 but I havent seen much of since last summer.. meh.

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