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Thread: AT&T: "Closing the Gap" in 3G, Can Handle iPad

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well this all makes sense.
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    well this all makes sense.
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    They need to handle the iPhone first. I still get no 3G in basic areas where people with Verizon and T-Mobile do, i.e. at the Dolphins games. It's horrible.

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    Anybody else think that with the iTampon coming to AT&T that is a sign that the iPhone will stick with AT&T?

    IMHO everylwhere I go that I get crap for service a buddy with verizon gets ggood reception. But in areas that they don't get good reception I do. So really choosing cellular service is like choosing a girlfriend. They all have problems but what problems can you deal with? Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by ron4543 View Post
    Ok, major city upgrades, but what about everywhere else. These two thousand towers will not be what many AT&T customers need. If I was close to home all the time I'd have criket wireless for $40 unlimited. But I'm not so I need a nationwide carrier. I chose AT&T mostly for the iPhone, which seems to have consequences. Most of the country I do not get 3G service let alone service. Verizon and Sprint however do. And with Verizone, although it may be slower, 3G is still active almost everywhere. Last year AT&T announced an upgrade to the 3G network with faster data, so far we haven't seen any speed inscreases. This also takes away from them concentrating on bringing 3G to all or most of thier customers. Why would they upgrade something that isn't even provided to all customers without acknowledging to fix the main problem first? I for one had hoped for a Verizon or Sprint iPhone not many months after I had signed my 2-year with AT&T. And now with the iPad I feel like they will be losing even more focus so that they can concentrate only on "the next new thing" and not on loyal customers. I understand that now after 3 years of the iPhone being a major draw for them and all the complaints they have received they need to do something and are finally acting upon it but I feel it is too little too late.

    Again, nothing but smoke and mirrors! Apple better find another carrier quickly for their mobile products, before they are left in slow@ss-2 land.... wondering why such a great product doesn't have a market any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayson9 View Post
    Apple better find another carrier quickly for their mobile products, before they are left in slow@ss-2 land.... wondering why such a great product doesn't have a market any more.
    Where on earth are you making that statement from? Their network has been roughly the same and sales have increased every year...
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