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Thread: Apple Tablet Confirmed! iPhone OS Based! Will Be Announced Tomorrow!

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    have faith.. apple rarely disappoints.. they leave stuff out that we would like to see, all the time.. but they still impress us none the less. I think it will be amazing, as that CEO only knows so much.. and his words could be conveyed in many different ways

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    Has anyone thought that maybe the new iPhone OS 4.0 is someting totally redesigned and maybe it's redone to be a short step down from snow leopard????

    So maybe the tablet running the new OS won't be as bad as it sounds

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    true the new os update will bring many things and i cannot wait for it

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    if it actually isnt announced then i wont be surprised. apple tries to fool everyone
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    Quote Originally Posted by kddo14 View Post
    am i the only one disappointed that its going to run the iphoneos? i mean, its great for a phone, but i'd want a computer just as functional as my macbook if its going to be approaching the macbook's size..
    Indeed, this pretty much guarantees I will not buy this. I will not deal again with these silly apple games of what I can or cannot do with MY DEVICE. I am saddened, I would have really liked to buy a quality itablet, if it was OSX (real OSX) based.

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    It's going to be a new iPhone, or new MacBooks. A tablet is worthless to me, but for a whole hell of alot of people it would be very useful. I'm betting new iPhone, new MacBook and a new iPhoneOS update. Course, I am probably wrong!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kddo14 View Post
    am i the only one disappointed that its going to run the iphoneos? i mean, its great for a phone, but i'd want a computer just as functional as my macbook if its going to be approaching the macbook's size..
    add me to the list as well! BOO APPLE!

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    I hope this thing doesnt turn into a Kindle! I was hoping for a side slot DVD drive and OSX. We shall see!!
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    oversized iphone. retarded. glad i never got my hopes up for this stupid thing. don't get me wrong - i'm sure it'll look 'cool' but as far as practicality goes - waste of money. (for middle class america anyway. if you're rich, i'm sure you'll buy one just cause you have the money to, not because you actually need it.)

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    i'm not buying it if its iphone OS. I spent $300 on my iphone and the os and everything i'm not going to spend $1000 for the same thing. IM SO DISAPPOINTED!

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    Am I the only one who actually prefers the iPhone OS? I don't think I'll buy it if it is not based on the iPhone OS. I'm completely not attracted to OSX. I think it is too clunky for a tablet. I love my iPhone but not the small screen, so the tablet is 100% of what I'm looking for. Only thing is it must do multitasking.

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    lol @ this thread

    Just wait to be pissy after the conference tomorrow. OS 4 probably wont be anything like the current OS.

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    1st thing geohot needs to do- install linux on it lol
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    I think an OS 4.0 will have a lot of features we have wanted and that will make the tablet "close" to Mac OS such as multitasking. Can't wait for the demo tomorrow to see what's up!

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    i hope os 4.0 gets a complete overhaul on looks, hopefully apple will suprise us,

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    Interesting but I'll pass...

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    Sigh...I am quite disappointed for now.
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    What a let down.......

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    I don't see the point of getting a tablet, what can it do that an iphone or macbook cannot do? Honestly seems like a waste of a $1000 ( or $600 depends on what Apple says)

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    Some of you people need to chill out. No one here has seen the damn thing yet. No one here knows how it will look or function or perform.

    Idea! Take a wait and see approach.
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