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Thread: Verizon iPhone to be Announced Next Week: Analyst

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    Quote Originally Posted by thevmax View Post
    Apple isn't going to waste the manpower, equipment and money to build a phone that runs on CDMA...
    That's right. Apple's not going to waste the manpower or money to build a cdma phone. So I guess those cdma engineers they hired a little over a year ago are just for misdirection?

    Quote Originally Posted by ALL DAY View Post
    Another day, another implausible rumor post. AT&T and Apple are still in contract. CDMA is dying. It makes no sense to go to Verizon now. The end.
    You mean the contract that's about to expire just like it's European equivalent did three months ago?
    Quote Originally Posted by AUSTIN3:16 View Post
    After talking with an AT&T tech today on the phone, I was told that "the new iPhone will be out in June on AT&T." Even the CS from AT&T says the they have the exclusive rights for "another couple of years."
    Anyone who knows anything in this business knows that csr's and tech's are usually the least informed. That's outright mis-information as it's well known that the exclusivity agreement was set to expire in 2010.

    Quote Originally Posted by xattica View Post
    Are you on drugs? Verizon's 3G is like AT&T 2.5G. Coverage is almost the same, but AT&T 3G smoke Verizon. Let's don't speak just because you are on Verizon or AT&T. CDMA is almost dead!
    Are you kidding me? Maybe you should check what you are smokin' first cause that claim is ridiculous!

    First off, at&t's so called 2.5g network is simply it's EDGE network and it about as crappy as it gets with an average download speed of about 200 kiloBITS per second. (not to be confused with kilobytes. Comparison if edge to 3g for proof :P [ame=]YouTube - AT&T EDGE VS 3G Speed Test[/ame]

    Next, both verizon's upload and download speeds are at least comparable to At&t's, although it definately depends on what areas you are in (and if you can even USE 3g by att in places like ny, lv, and sf)
    Carrier Wars: Verizon Wireless speed test results Boy Genius Report

    Verizon Leads, AT&T Runs Last in’s 3G Speed Test | Gadget Lab |

    Quote Originally Posted by Limegrntaln View Post
    Hrmm, lets see, 700KB or 4000kb. i think I'll stick with AT&T
    What in the world are you talking about? At&t 3g hspda doesn't currently come anywhere close to 4000kb. It's actually more like a consistant 700kbits with a high avg of about 1300 if you're in a good location (and none if you're in a busy or uncovered one).

    Quote Originally Posted by Heelfan71 View Post
    what good is the speed if you cant get 3g in the first place due to ATT's shitty 3g coverage ?
    Ha! The first words of wisdom i've seen on this thread.

    Seriously guys, at this point I'm ashamed to be a part of the modmyi community. It's bias non-critical thinking habits like the ones above that define the nickname mac-tard... which i thought most people modding their devices would be above. Read up on the news some, pay attn to fcc filings, hirings by apple and phone companies, information about chip buying by companies, etc, and you will see that this is a totally plausible rumor, although it is likely that it may not come as early as next week.
    -One thing you can be 100% sure of though- atts exclusivity agreement WILL break. It's already been done in europe and all carriers and apple as well are Flourishing because of it. It is no longer a question of "IF" but only "WHEN".

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaminmc View Post
    One Carrier, One country????

    Sprint, Criket, MetroPCS, US Ceullar can all support a CDMA iPhone. Not to mention that there is CDMA in Tons of countries! I would much rather have a iphone on sprint. $99 everything would be awesome!

    On Verizon, it is going to suck.
    Sprint? Criket? MetroPCS? US Ceullar?
    So 4 minor players in the American markets and a couple of minor players north and south of the USA who made the mistake of thinking Verizon where right and tried to piggyback on their phones.

    In the rest of the world a few companies dabbled with CDMA but quickly gave it up in favour of UMTS

    At least Verizon are having the sense to join everyone else with LTE - roll on 2011, although I suspect the roll out of LTE could be a long and slow one.

    Next time there is a post about the iPhone coming to Verizon could one of the mods just cut and paste the whole of this thread to stop everyone posting the same arguments in yet another pointless thread?
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    no that would be horrible. an iPhone on verizon everyone would have one it wouldn't be cool anymore.

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