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Thread: Verizon iPhone to be Announced Next Week: Analyst

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    if this happen what does this mean actually that the new iphone will just be on verizon or it will be on both networks

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    I don't see it. Next week will be all tablet... maybe (hopefully) iPhone OS 4.0. Not much else.
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    I hope they do go to Verizon. Their 3g coverage is 10x better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooSlo View Post
    So how about that tablet that you have money set aside for?

    Analysts say there may be an announcement about it on the 27th. Heck, I wouldn't buy that one either.

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    well I just dropped my Iphone in a storm drain today at work, these rain storms, are getting out of hand but I want the 4g version(if their is one)but I cant wait that long so should I settle for the 3gs? OPinions PLEase!!!
    THis sucks!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaminmc View Post
    One Carrier, One country????

    Sprint, Criket, MetroPCS, US Ceullar can all support a CDMA iPhone. Not to mention that there is CDMA in Tons of countries! I would much rather have a iphone on sprint. $99 everything would be awesome!

    On Verizon, it is going to suck.
    If the phone is CDMA the only way to have it on another carrier is to reprogram the phone using that carries software and most of the time it doesn't work that well or you don't get all of the features (data,mms,etc). A CDMA iphone only phone is FAIL. It must be either GSM or world phone. This is why i don't believe Verizon is getting it until the iPhone is a world phone.

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    Here is one thing they may do. Bring out a iphone 3gs for verizon that is the same spec as the 3gs and then bring out iphone 4.0 OS. Then wait to build a new hardware iphone until 2011??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heelfan71 View Post
    I hope they do go to Verizon. Their 3g coverage is 10x better.
    Are you on drugs? Verizon's 3G is like AT&T 2.5G. Coverage is almost the same, but AT&T 3G smoke Verizon. Let's don't speak just because you are on Verizon or AT&T. CDMA is almost dead!

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    again with this. this would never happen unless you hear something of att and verizon merging because this would crush att, i dont think apple would do such a thing but who knows, rumors rumors rumors!
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    After reading everyone opinion. A lot of people don't get the point. If apple make a phone to be use in any carrier there is no need for making different phones. like the droid can only be use in verizon carrier, can't take the phone you love to another carrier. if I have a choice to take my iphone to verizon i will. I work in a warehouse for 12 hours and i don't get a signal, but all my co-workers have Verizon and there signal is all over the warehouse. I think verizon is getting ready to sale the phone before june that is why there dropping there unlimited talking. so people like me move to there network. there are good and bad things in both side. Verizon had the best 3g cover and signal. AT&T hasssss o you can talk and serf the internet.

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    Lightbulb Verizon's new ad campaign
    Verizon is the bride and turns to the Droid, which lovingly looks at Verizon, and Verizon says...."I don't."

    Cue the iPhone music as it comes strutting down the aisle to attendee raves, cheers and handfuls of thrown rice.

    Verizon giddily jumps up and down and looks lustily at the iPhone, and says...."I DO!!!!"

    The iPhone forcefully shoves the Droid out of the way. The Droid falls to the ground and breaks in two right at the slider mechanism. The screen flashes a broken heart and then the red eye flashes brightly and goes dark.

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    Hrmm, lets see, 700KB or 4000kb. i think I'll stick with AT&T

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    Default nexus one on verizon
    I dont think so I just went to the google page and it has a ad stating nexus one on verizon in the spring of 2010. So why would they have the iphone too.

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    Verizon suxxxs. Why pay extremely high prices and sub-par speeds? With Sprint, you get cheap prices and comparable speeds to AT&T(my pre is way faster in my home than my iPhone) and the power of Sprint and Verizon in my pocket(cause Sprint gets free roaming access to Verizon). I do agree that CDMA is dying though...... I miss my Sim card

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    Quote Originally Posted by AUSTIN3:16 View Post
    After talking with an AT&T tech today on the phone, I was told that "the new iPhone will be out in June on AT&T." Even the CS from AT&T says the they have the exclusive rights for "another couple of years."

    What did you expect him to tell you??? To go to Verizon, because the iPhone is not coming to AT&T??

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    Quote Originally Posted by xattica View Post
    Are you on drugs? Verizon's 3G is like AT&T 2.5G. Coverage is almost the same, but AT&T 3G smoke Verizon. Let's don't speak just because you are on Verizon or AT&T. CDMA is almost dead!
    what good is the speed if you cant get 3g in the first place due to ATT's shitty 3g coverage ?

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    No way. I thought Apple is still in contract with AT&T until June, 2010. I think Apple is being rude if they announced verizon iPhone when they are still in a contract.

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    [Start rant]
    Ok, ive used at&t 2.5 and 3g and verizon's 3g
    Verizon's 3g is faster than 2.5 g hate to break it to ya,
    Yes it is true that Verizon's 3g is dismally slow compared to at&t but for the good percentage of america by the time it takes you to get to a 3g spot for at&T you could have downloaded a million of those little headless guys on verizons 3g.
    [end rant]
    Now did eveyone forget about qualcomm's hybrid chip to allow both verizon and at&t Link Here

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    I don't plan on switching just because I don't want to go through all the ******** and payments associated with switching networks early. But this could be a good thing even for AT&T customers. Tons of people will switch to Verizon and hopefully relieve a lot of strain from AT&T's poor, high-traffic network.

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    we've all heard this song and dance. and the dance is alittle out of date
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