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Thread: Big Reaction To Small Evidence of Verizon iPhone

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    I've been on Verizon for a while... Here's a screenshot and I am going to post it on the internet. Therefore it must be real!!


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    terrible evidence but it could b possible

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    Default Big Reaction to pointless post.
    We all know this is fake - so why are so many people bothering to reply?
    Maybe the title of this post should be changed to Big Reaction to pointless post....
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    there is always big reaction to verizon iphone crap. Its because they are SO jealous LOL
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    Quote Originally Posted by h4x0rJyNx View Post
    nice theme i don't under stand the redundancy in have the temp and the date multiple times other than that that theme is great i know off topic sorry
    once your inside of an app the SB date/time dissapears. leaving just the StatusBar date/time. its a convenience thing. the downfall unfortunately, is it will show both on the SB. redundent yes. but pain in the butt when you cant see the date or time once out of the SB. doesnt seem a workaround is available as in my knowledge from my own experience with this issue. as you can see on my theme. ive got the date/time also on the bottom of the SB.
    killall Terminal[]

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    Cool another carrier!!!
    For some reason I've been thinking about this
    since I learned that the ATT contract is probable do
    to end in June. But what I don't understand is why it
    would make any difference, from what I have learned here
    and other sites is that all the other carriers use a
    differnt frequency or a different protocal (verizon).
    But then I am saying, I use my iphone on t-mobile
    on there edge system, but still I am using a frequency
    that is compatible with both the Iphone and T-mobile\att
    other wise I could I even use the Iphone...
    I seems to me that are using an Iphone on t-mobile
    are starting to get more and more usage out of their
    I am not a cell phone nut or expert, but just observing
    what is happening.
    I bought my Iphone 3g used for $300.00 from a person
    close to where I live, it came in its original box
    with everything included.
    but I am on a 1000 min a year t-mobile contract,,
    since I don't park the phone on my ear all day, nor do
    I need someone texting me all day...(like I know anyone
    like that). I am also glad at this time to see the
    pricing coming down, if there was ever a sitiuation
    were price fixing was in full play, it is with the
    cell phone carriers.
    Hope to hear some good responses to this...
    and btw its raining in SoCal...

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