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Thread: Apple Strikes Back at Nokia, Demands Import Ban

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    Quote Originally Posted by cpkirkley View Post
    The ONLY reason that apple would file this suit is to muddy the waters and drag out the decision long enough to get another launch day off before having to pay the fees.

    Smart play, but its still a **** move.
    Good point. This may be a sign that apple will release a iPhone sooner than the summer!

    BTW: I do think this whole thing is childish like A.T said. I think people should stop fighting over who thought of something first, they are just ideas, there is an infinite amount of them to go around. Hey, ideas get around, take some, give some, and stop crying and think of some new stuff. Business is a brawl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bruinsrme View Post
    I don't think it matters if the 5G or 10g is out, the infringement is still occurred.
    my point is that it doesnt matter. Apple is still going to conduct buisness as usual. this wont hinder sales or production.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cpkirkley View Post
    It still occurred, but if they are on iPhone 5.0 or something, thats 5 revisions of iPhones that they wouldnt have had to pay the royalties on. I doubt that the ruling in Nokia's favor will include all the previous iPhones sold before said ruling. Its not often that fees are made retroactive covering that amount of time.
    Yes normally they do not rule retroactive, reason is the award should have include this. That is why most company sue for insane amount of money to cover this among other things, and gets awarded less than what they wanted.
    Again I hope Nokia wins, Nokia file should more lawsuit at all countries that iPhone sell GSM phone to. Should be easy win with precedence from the win in U.S., Apple should want to settle before the court hears Nokia in these countries.

    Quote Originally Posted by rhekt View Post
    my point is that it doesnt matter. Apple is still going to conduct buisness as usual. this wont hinder sales or production.
    Not if court sees Nokia's way and put a cease and desist to Apple production that includes GSM technology. Apple will have to find a new company to put their phone, Verizon or Sprint. Verizon would take the offer, but because they know Apple is desperate they can get better deal when negotiate. This would also be a hint court would see Nokia's way if they award cease and desist, Apple would be hit in the pockets 3 ways: 1) money spent on parts they can not use. 2) paying the award given to Nokia. 3) going to Verizon they will have weaker deal compare to before lawsuit.
    There is all kinds of bad for Apple, should just pay the license fee.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bengo View Post
    Of course they should. Everyone else is! But of course, Apple think they're better than anyone else and the rules don't apply to them. If they don't like the license fee, move to CDMA!
    Even if Apple did, they would still have this mess to clean up. The worst part though is that with moving to CDMA Apple would be moving to a dying technology. VZW in the US is moving their 4G network to LTE the 3rd gen in GSM tech as it is. Apple needs to suck it up and figure out a happy medium to pay Nokia that won't undercut themselves, but won't piss Nokia off as well. It's also high time that someone beat them with the "Patent Stick" as they always do.
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    So are they going to close Nokia?o0

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    Apple is so damn childish it's not even funny anymore.

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    this is so stupid.
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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