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Thread: Tivit Turns Heads With Free TV For The iPhone

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    Love my slingbox, too. Been using it for years, before the iPhone, and now with the iPhone as well. Works perfectly. No need for any "back to the future" attachment.

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    TVCatchup iPhone
    live tv already available at the above address.

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    Just going to point out:

    You DON'T need a WiFi, 3G or EDGE connection to use this.
    It use the TV signels that are bouncing through the air.
    So NO data is used.

    P.S. It is Illegle in the UK without paying the licence fee to use it.

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    I could see this being used for emergency broadcasts or something, but TV in general is kind of lame -- 1/3 to 3/5ths of TV is commercials, and commercials are the most vile of life-sucking activities (followed by watching "The Dark Knight" more than once).

    It's a really cool invention, but if I had to choose between a this and a radio as my means of accessing emergency broadcasts, I would certainly choose radio. Because really, if I'm not wasting my time by playing cheap games I bought on the Appstore, then why in the world did I buy the darn thing? ($125, tax incl, can buy you more apps than you'll ever have time to play).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anfloyd View Post
    TVCatchup iPhone
    live tv already available at the above address.
    uk only

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    You yanks must hate ads on your tvs, us British dont have ads, thank you BBC.

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    no data use and supposedly the battery life is pretty good. must have...
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    Another bonus of the slingbox is it can also access the saved programs on your DVR. If you have a Pro model I believe it can access other units you have hooked up like DVD player and what not. I'm running an old SlingBox AV model so not positive about the pro model capabilities. It does eat up data but it's not horrible by any means; the problem is the amount of battery juice it consumes but this is to be expected and will happen with anything you stream for a fair amount of time.

    Best story I have of the slingbox was a few years ago (before the iphone was even released) when I still had my Treo750. Landed in Kansas for Christmas but all of the gates were blocked by other planes. We sat on the tarmac for over an hour waiting for someone to move one of the frickin empty planes sitting at the gates. Wasn't that bad though because I remembered the Cowboys football game just started so I grabbed my phone, fired up the slingplayer app and a few of us sat there for that hour watching the game. I must have told about 7 other people around me what gear they needed to buy in order to get it up and running... some of the wives didn't look to appreciative :-)

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    Sling ftw!! I use it daily

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    Quote Originally Posted by n00neimp0rtant View Post

    BTW thanks guys for no one calling it the "telly"
    Telly is surely better than that horrible mismatch of languages that is television!
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willryan42 View Post
    Wouldn't these TV streaming apps use a ton of data? (for those not on an unlimited plan)
    dude you can't get an iphone without the overinflated 30$/month internet plan. what are you talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by willryan42 View Post
    Wouldn't these TV streaming apps use a ton of data? (for those not on an unlimited plan)
    They don't use cell data, they use the TV signal airwaves flying around your head right now. You know, kinda like how people used to watch local television on those portable TVs with the antennas. (Yeah, I didn't say "antennae." Wanna fight about it?)

    Quote Originally Posted by StealthBravo View Post
    I love my slingbox
    Likewise; I just wish I had a need to use it for anything other than streaming recorded King of Queens episodes from my FiOS DVR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chakraj View Post
    I have had my slingbox for years and its free except for the box.I sling on my iphone all the time, Live TV for free. So whats new here?
    No internet or 3G connection needed. It basically is like the handheld TV's but with the newer digital broadcast signals stations are now using.

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    free tv is not so good with iphone. This will be alot of distracktion.

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    Yes but if we turned our TV 's off we pay nothing it was a sort of "pay by use".
    It's my opinion back when you had only a few channels (BBC) the programming was terrific. However once satellite/cable widespread use came in the quality was crap. Do you still have zero ads on cable?

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