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Thread: Google's AdMob Deal in Trouble?

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    Default Google's AdMob Deal in Trouble?

    Google Inc. has received a second request for information from the Federal Trade Commission on its planned purchase of mobile-advertising company AdMob, according to a blog post on their website yesterday. The company says it's not worried that the deal will be shot down, but some observers say the regulatory agency is worried about Google dominating the mobile ad market.

    Google agreed last month to pay $750 million in stock for AdMob to boost its sales of ads that appear in applications on mobile phones such as Apple Inc.’s iPhone. Google and AdMob combined will form the largest mobile-advertising company, with 30 percent to 40 percent of the market. Google group product manager Paul Feng said thet they are cooperating with the FTC, according to the blog posting, and expressed confidence that the deal would go through.

    While this means we won't be closing right away, we're confident that the FTC will conclude that the rapidly growing mobile advertising space will remain highly competitive after this deal closes. And we'll be working closely and cooperatively with them as they continue their review.
    Google, which dominates the market for ads linked to Internet search results, has been acquiring a lot of competitors and has drawn the scrutiny of the US federal government in the past. The FTC investigated Google’s acquisition of DoubleClick Inc. in 2007 for eight months before approving the deal. Last year the US Department of Justice said it would try to block the company's acquisition of Yahoo, and Google decided not to go forward with its takeover attempt. And the search behemoth is is also having trouble getting the necessary number of shareholders to vote for its acquisition of On2 Technologies.

    AdMob, meanwhile, has seen its growth decline in recent months. In August the service had 10.57 billion requests, and has since gone down each of the past three months, dropping to 9.76 billion requests in November. As ad requests from Apple iPhones and iPod touch devices continue to dominate the list of most common phones, observers speculate that AdMob is picking and choosing its partners more carefully, limiting hits from sources that don't run on lucrative smartphones.

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    What's with Google trying to compete in everything now? Is a Google car in the near future?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianlg View Post
    What's with Google trying to compete in everything now? Is a Google car in the near future?

    They tried :

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    Quote Originally Posted by lmatute View Post
    They tried :
    Jesus Google needs to stick to search engines. I'm sick of seeing their name.

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    AdMob, meanwhile, has seen its growth decline in recent months. In August the service had 10.57 billion requests, and has since gone down each of the past three months, dropping to 9.76 billion requests in November

    and i certainly hope that number keeps going down. im sick and tired of ads ruining the user experience and clean flow of an application.
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    I am a little worried with Google having their hand in just about everything, it seems these days. If the Google branded phone with Android comes to be for consumers and a rumored Google branded laptop with Google Chrome OS it starts to become more and more worrisome. I mean just think how much power, control and information they already have available to them. Google video didn't do it so what do they do? They buy YouTube. Mobile ads? Buy the leader in mobile ads, Admob.

    Lots of people thought Microsoft was bad in the 90s. Google is much more powerful 10 years running than Microsoft ever was.
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    Default This is bad bad bad for consumers!
    The government needs to realize this is Worse, that's right, WORSE than Microsoft trying to destroy netscape. In the nineties no one realized the web was to become truly platform independent, but this purchase would allow Google to soon gain better than 80 percent of all online (mobile and browser) advertising. That can't be undone. Innovative advertising products don't appear overnight, because the customer doesn't interact with them in a meaningful way. This is a move than CAN NOT BE UNDONE. The FTC needs to realize that ads are moving toward the mobile sphere and WE NEED COMPETITION. I don't care if you hate Microsoft, Yahoo, whatever... Google can not be allowed to own all advertising. That's what government regulation is supposed to protect us from. If this comes to pass, that would mean every ad (5-10 years from now) will come directly from Google. We can't allow them that kind of control!!!

    Call me crazy, but I'd rather have the choice to burn in hell or (whatever it is they do) in heaven, as opposed to being mandated to wear wings and a white suit regardless of my preference (and that's assuming I want to go to googleland after death).

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    Default Drop the tinfoil Hat!!!!
    People need to stop with all the conspiracy theory and realized this is business, When companies are as big as Apple, MS and Google the only way to "expand" their core business is to use the "Cash" in hand to acquire the leader on a different market or at lease someone with the right pieces to get a great piece of the market (E.J. lala). That's what stock holders wants and that what the board is there for to make sure stockholder get their money worth

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    Monopoly in the works...
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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