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Thread: Apple May Purchase Large VoIP Provider?

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    Default Apple May Purchase Large VoIP Provider?

    This one comes trickling down the rumor mill courtesy of our friends at 9to5Mac.

    Adding to the recent wave of purchases by the powers that be in Cupertino, now comes word that Apple may be interested in purchasing VoIP provider iCall for the ballpark price tag of between $50 and $60 million.

    Here's why it makes sense... Google is building a VoIP phone that works with Google Voice and recent purchase Gizmo5, if rumors are to be believed. The Google phone would be free to move between networks and wouldn't be beholden to carriers' phone systems/voicemail, etc. It would just need data...from Wifi, WiMAX 3G or any other source.
    In the context of its heated competition with Google, it does, indeed, make sense for Apple to scoop up a VoIP company as soon as possible, especially when you take into consideration that Google has already acquired a few. If Google's future efforts are to be propped up by a VoIP offering, Apple will have to counter with its own offering, most likely through the next generation iPhone.

    For its long-term strategy, it makes sense for Apple to at least have a VoIP product available even if only for defensive purposes, even if it never launches.
    Its clear that the growing disenchantment within the general public over the escalating price of carrier service is pushing the popularity of VoIP service sky-high. And whether its Google or Apple who first rolls out the "dominant VoIP offering," they will gain an enormous edge in the marketplace - a scenario that could prove a "game changer" in the smartphone world.

    Is iCall the right fit for Apple? As one of the faster-growing VoIP calling platforms available today, it appears that Apple would be wise to make the purchase (assuming the rumors of a possible buy are even true) before that $50 to $60 million price tag inches even higher.

    From Gizmodo:

    As data networks evolve, it will be possible to make calls as well over the Internet as by using a voice network, and cheaper. (It's already getting there.) And that's when Apple may seek to increase its control over iPhone owners and recurring revenue from them by becoming a VoIP service provider. Moreover, as that becomes a bigger industry, Apple should not give that business to Skype, Google, or anyone else.
    Image via Apple

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    Wow all of these acquisitions is getting crazy but seems like for a good reason? Hopefully? But if they have/will acquire this VOIP service..what does that mean for AT&T? I'm sure they would be worried about bandwidth if it's cheaper to call Joe the plumber with the built-in VOIP app rather than directly through AT&T cellular service.

    Just a thought...

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    I use ICall to call for free anywhere in North america (5 minutes)I hope apple don't cripple this app.

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    I agree w/ chrisperro...also apple is so greedy...
    That Thanks button is there for a reason!

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    I tried the Gizmo5 on Siphon over 3G for a while, the ATT network is just not good enough in most places to get good call quality right now for me (mostly when I am moving ie. driving). It works decently well when stationary, but still I could never get the same call quality like you do over GSM.

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    However it may look, Apple is forced to go this direction to keep Google at least engaged in the different mobile segments. But this could also turn interesting, maybe a "backdoor" way of opening the doors to more than just ATT customers not currently unlocked. Who knows, but it was an expected business decision, imo.

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