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Thread: 4th-Gen iPhone in Summer 2010?

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    lets hope so that phone is sick

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    we all know its coming...and my update will be right on time hehe

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    Lol this is old. These were b4 the 3gs came out

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    IMO , I would love to upgrade from the 3G and hope for improvements , and I would not need the qwerty keyboard feature because I am not a big text fan . I feel if your going to have the time to text someone, just call for christ sake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by home skillet View Post
    daewon song!
    I think I win for the most lame avatar

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    I wait for the specs before commenting on this. I just don't bash about it. Good upgrade for me.
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    Hopefully no one will commit suicide if a prototype of THIS one is lost...

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    Doesnt matter, by then ill be rocking the droid on Verizon.

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    So, let me get this straight. The possibility of streaming live video calls (iChat) blah blah blah, which sounds great and all, but isn't at&t already crying over the amount of data streaming as-is and ******** about what a strain it's putting on the network that they're gonna start reconfiguring the billing structure??? Unless they correct the network issues and make it so we can actually use all of this great data etc, I don't even wanna think of how much having the next iPhone will cost as far as "Unlimited (BS my ***) Data Plans" are gonna cost me. :/

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    its gotta b a huge upgrade to keep me away from an htc sense phone *cough* HD2

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    Front facing camera? 1GHz processor? Higher resolution OLED screen? Please Apple! And more RAM while you're at it. Thanks.

    Oh, but please don't give us a physical keyboard. iDon't want. Let the Droid "win" in this category.
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    Quote Originally Posted by €hR!$ View Post
    Front facing camera? 1GHz processor? Higher resolution OLED screen? Please Apple! And more RAM while you're at it. Thanks.

    Oh, but please don't give us a physical keyboard. iDon't want. Let the Droid "win" in this category.
    ^^^Add 2GB DDR3 RAM....

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    That's phone look really cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbplayer5 View Post
    Why in gods name would you want it to stay exclusive? You like paying more for a crappy network? You benefit in no way shape or form keeping it on AT&T.
    Haha because I'm stuck with ATT for another year and I'm greedy and dont want everyone else to have one . When I was with Verizon I couldnt wait for a cdma iphone, but not that I switched I don't want it to go cdma (just because I had to switch). So basically I'm just greedy haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianlg View Post
    whoa if this happens I'm deft updating
    I hope it stays exclusive to ATT
    iHope they switch over to verizon, especially if were going to start getting charged for our "unlimited" data plan just because at&t can't keep up with the trends!

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    It so much easier to find a hole in someone's programming then it is to try to plug every single one of them up though. That's what makes out (the 'hackers') jobs so much easier then Apple's. And I doubt that's the new iPhone, that picture has be hanging around since 3G rumors started flying...
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    time to sell the 3GS !

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    bad news for people who text and drive.

    "hey man what are you up to?"
    "oh nothing just driving to wor*CRASH*"

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    i cant wait-
    i just hope we can get a solid working Jailbreak before then. I have been stalling to update to 3GS - but this 3G is KILLING ME!!!

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    we get closer and closer every day
    killall Terminal[]

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