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Thread: Black Friday Apple & iPhone Deals Roundup!

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    Default Black Friday Apple & iPhone Deals Roundup!
    So I'm getting ready to finish all my holiday shopping (along with picking up new toys for myself) and have been browsing around the internet looking for Apple & iPhone related Black Friday deals. Here's what I've found so far, share deals that I've missed!

    Tons of deals in their store. $101 off iMac and Macbook pro. I saw the mophie Juice Pack Air in there for $21.95 off retail

    They have all sorts of Macs, iPods, accessories etc. I saw something in there 80% off. Macbook Pros between $130 and $250 off!

    The code is “Uthanksgiving” and it is good for 50% off on any purchase in the online Uniea store at Uniea Store. The offer is valid From 11/26 – 28.

    50% off all ZAGGskins 11/24 - 30

    Use the code "HOLIDAY9" to save 20% on orders $50 or more until 11/30

    The Special begins Thursday, Nov 26th 2009 @ 6pm PST
    and runs through Friday, Nov 27th 2009 @ 11:59pm.

    Free shipping for orders of $20 or more only. Orders only in US.
    Items marked as "free shipping" will not be shipped for free if the
    total amount is not $20.00 (minimum)

    If an item in your cart is not marked as "free shipping" it will cancel
    out any free shipping products you have. If you have multiple items
    in your cart, they must ALL be listed as "free shipping" in order to
    have your order shipped for free.

    They also have things up to 60% off floating around their store.

    With each purchase of a Fabrix laptop delux case or sleeve, you are entitled to a $10 discount off your iPod sleeve, hard shell or camera case ! Simply key in the coupon code “bundledjoy” when checking out to enjoy the discount !

    Use the code "MRHAPPY" to save 20% from now until Monday at midnight!

    Kick start your holiday shopping with some great savings on our best selling cases!
    iPhone 3G ID Cases $29.99 Now Only $19.99!
    All Chrome Cases $24.99 Now Only $14.99!
    All Barely There Cases $19.99 Now Only $14.99!
    All Fuel Battery Packs $79.99 Now Only $59.99!
    All Signature Leather Carbon Fiber Cases $49.99 Now Only $34.99!
    All Signature Leather Carbon Fiber Case Holster Combos $79.99 Now Only $49.99!
    *This offer is only available at Case-Mate - Form fitting cases, holsters, skins, covers, and accessories for Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, iPod, and MacBook in premium leather. through 11/27/09. Valid while supplies last – no rain checks. This offer cannot be combined with any other case-mate offer or promotion. Not valid on prior purchases. Case-mate reserves the right to discontinue or modify this offer at any time.

    They are doing something today but haven't gotten it live yet at the time of this posting.

    iPhone / iPod touch Apps
    Deals until Nov 29
    Tetris $2.99 - $2 off
    Scrabble $2.99 - $2 off
    SimCity $2.99 - $2 off
    Need for Speed: Undercover $2.99 - $2 off
    Monopoly $2.99 - $2 off)
    Trivial Pursuit $2.99 - $2 off
    Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition $2.99 - $2 off

    Until Nov 30
    CoPilot Live North America for iPhone $19.99 - $15 off

    Until Dec 1
    1Password Pro Free

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    here in the UK we don't have a clue what black friday is - but Apple are doing offers online in the UK too
    see The special one-day Apple shopping event - Apple Store (U.K.)
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    you know ive never really understood what black friday is but im glad merchants use it to extend us discounts.
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    Black Friday Is the day stores all over the US have a major sale. It is concidered the first day of the Christmas shopping season. The reason it is called "black" Friday is because it is the biggest shopping day of the year and can turn a year of poor sales (think red ink) into a profitable year (black ink). Hence the black in black Friday. The sales extend to the Internet as well. If a company can draw in more costomers they will extend that sale to wherever people are buying. You would not believe the crazy crap people do here for a friggin sale on that day. Some people have been camped out for two days in order to be among the first to get into the store today. Nuts I tell ya, just nuts.

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    Default Yet again Canada doesn't matter
    Oh good... Apple finally put more items in the Canadian store on sale... but really the sales aren't any better than the education rate I can get (actually a bit worse in some cases).
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    Nice thanks!

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    Thanks I purchased the need for speed undercover and love this game!

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    You can also get our app "Blutalk" free for black Friday sales.

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    FlickTune is free for today. Oceanus web browser is 70% off regular price.

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    WirelessRage is also having 20% off sale on all iPhone cases with the code "WRBLACK20". And Speck is offering 33% off on their newest Candyshell additions (Cinnabon Red and Sour Apple Green) with the code "TWITTERBELLS".

    Moral of the story: JOIN TWITTER!

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    idk these apple black friday sales a all bs, you can get bigger discounts using the educational discount anytime... idk know about you buy i think apple is pulling a fast one on everyone, even best buy is giving a $150 gift card if you buy a macbook...

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    Black Friday is HELL !!! Just waited 9 hours for 2 $198 laptops for the kids . Thank god it was inside (Wal-mart) and I was able to sit on a bench nearby .
    The kids are going to go crazy .

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    Any twitter apps on sale?

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    ewww twitter...pffft! thanks for this info! i'm going to purchase some apps. I hope the accessories are priced low because i need an extra power pack for my macbook pro.

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    So... instead of telling you how retarded the sales at Apple are (because we've had such great previous sales!) how about a THANKS CODY! for such a great post. I know i'll be taking advantage of more than one discount code. and a few apps too!

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    wheres the discount codes?

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    Here is a bunch more apps that are on sale as well...go to the site below to go to the links. Some will be on sale all weekend!

    Black Friday – App Sales Galore – App Store Insiders, Blog – 148Apps – iPhone App and Game Reviews and News

    GPS Apps

    All of the best GPS apps are on sale. CoPilot started it out by dropping to $20, Navigon followed by dropping to $70, then TomTom matched the price from Navigon. Magellan is now the highest priced at $80. What will they do? It’s a good time to be in the market for an iPhone GPS solution.

    Tom Tom US & Canada (Now $69.99)
    Navigon MobileNavigator North America (Now $69.99)
    CoPilot Live North America (Now $19.99)
    Ndrive United Stated of America (Now $29.99)
    gMap US & Canada (Now $49.99)
    Magellan Roadmate 2010 North America (Now $79.99)

    Com2uS has joined the fund by reducing the prices of all of their games to only $0.99.

    Sniper Vs. Sniper Online (Now $.99)
    Homerun Battle 3D (Now $.99)
    World Tunes (Now $.99)
    9 Innings Pro Baseball 2009 (Now $.99)
    Trapped Undead Infection (Now $.99)
    Chronicles of Inotia: Legend of Feanor (Now $.99)

    Namco has surprised us with an early present and put most of their games on sale. Some of the classic are at amazing prices. I’m in retro heaven!

    Pac-Man Remix (Now $.99)
    Galaga Remix (Now $.99)
    Pole Position Remix (Now $.99)
    Dig-Dug Remix (Now $.99)
    Burgertime Deluxe (Now $.99)
    Garters & Ghouls (Now $2.99)
    Inspector Gadget (Now $2.99)
    Tomagotchi Round The World (Now $2.99)
    Time Crisis Strike (Now $2.99)
    I Love Katamari (Now $2.99)
    Ms. Pac-Man (Now $2.99)
    Pac-Man (Now $2.99)
    Star Trigon (Now $.99)
    Alpine Racer (Now $.99)
    Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima (Now $.99)
    Mr. Driller (Now $.99)
    EA Mobile

    EA Mobile has put just about every single game they have released on sale. Each one maked down up to 50%. These go back to normal price on 11/29.

    Tetris (Now $2.99)
    Sudoku (Now $.99)
    Scrabble (Now $2.99)
    Spore Origins (Now $.99)
    Yahtzee Adventures (Now 1.99)
    Sim City (Now $2.99)
    Trivial Pursuit (Now $2.99)
    Anytime Pool (Now $1.99)
    Tiger Woods PGA Tour (Now $2.99)
    Need for Speed Undercover (Now $2.99)
    American Idol: The Game (Now $.99)
    Star Trek (Now $.99)
    Clue (Now $1.99)
    Wolfenstein RPG (Now $1.99)
    Sims 3 (Now $4.99)
    Mass Effect Galaxy (Now $1.99)
    Zombies & Me (Now $.99)
    Snood (Now $1.99)
    Boggle (Now $.99)
    Madden NFL 10 (Now $6.99)
    Mystery Mania (Now $.99)
    FIFA 10 (Now $6.99)
    Auditorium (Now $1.99)
    Command & Conquer Red Alert (Now $6.99)
    Rock Band (Now $6.99)
    Surviving High School
    NBA Live (Now $6.99)
    Monopoly (Now $2.99)

    Gameloft, unlike EA, are putting some of their underperforming games on sale. But the good news is that they are nearly giving them away at only $0.99. Some really good bargains in there. I highly recommend Blades of Fury if you are at all into the Street Fighter genre. These go back to normal price on 11/29.

    NFL 2010 (Now $.99)
    Terminator Salvation (Now $.99)
    Shrek Kart (Now $.99)
    Brothers in Arms Hour of Heroes (Now $.99)
    Blades of Fury (Now $.99)
    Real Tennis 2009 (Now $.99)
    Castle of Magic (Now $.99)
    Hero of Sparta (Now $.99)

    Read more: Black Friday – App Sales Galore – App Store Insiders, Blog – 148Apps – iPhone App and Game Reviews and News
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    Everyone in the UK knows you can get the phone free. I certainly wouldn't use the site linked to in the previous post which recommends deals from vodafone (who won't get the iPhone until January). Site's like this are all designed to rip you off and I would avoid like the plague.
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