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Thread: iPhone Users Most Willing to Cough Up Cash For Content

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    Default iPhone Users Most Willing to Cough Up Cash For Content

    iPhone users (like myself) may frequently complain about how much they have to pay for the digital content they want, but it seems they’re still willing to pay up for it – much more so than owners of other smartphones, especially when it comes to television, film, and general entertainment content.

    According to the annual Olswang Convergence Survey conducted by market research firm YouGov, the 1,013 adults and 536 13-17 year-olds surveyed in the UK exhibited a striking propensity toward a broad range of services on their iPhone, particularly on-demand television. Most interestingly, iPhone users also demonstrated a greater willingness to use micropayments and premium subscriptions to pay for access to their preferred content.

    From Apple Insider:

    The study does not offer good news for the print industry, as only 19 percent of respondents said they are willing to make micropayments or commit to subscriptions for newspaper content. Here as in everywhere, though, iPhone users were more likely to agree, with 30 percent saying they would pay to read articles or columns.
    The survey indicates that movies represent the content consumers show the greatest interest in purchasing. 58% of adults surveyed admitted being willing to pay for online or mobile access to a film freshly released in theaters. 52% expressed willingness to pay for access to a film that won’t be released on DVD for at least two months. And 40% would be agreeable to paying for access to a film already on DVD or pay-per-view.

    Olswang partner Matthew Phillips says:
    “Having discovered the habit and simplicity of paying for apps and other services on the iPhone, it would seem that iPhone owners are also more willing to pay for content of many types than the general online population. To maximize their revenue opportunities in the digital environment, companies need to build payment solutions into consumer propositions on other platforms that are as easy to use as that on the iPhone.”
    Many view the results of the survey as evidence that the iPhone's relationship with iTunes along with the "microtransaction nature of the App Store" are most deserving of credit for transforming the iPhone into the premiere conduit for purchasing digital content.

    iTunes is the No. 1 seller of music in the U.S. with a 25 percent market share, and in September, Apple announced that more than 2 billion applications were downloaded from the App Store.
    Also helping corroborate the findings of this survey is the interesting statistic recently discovered by Forrester Research, which found that "iPhone users are richer, younger, and perhaps even more productive at work than those who use competing smartphones."

    Of course we are

    To check out the entire report from Olswang, click here.

    Image via Apple Insider

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    I don't even like to pay for app.

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    They are willing or might be willing to cough up the cash because of the addiction to the phone... LOL I think that iPhone users want it all (including me). Anything and everything they can get because the experience with the iPhone is EXCELLENT!

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    Default Hollywood...are you listening??
    I am going to take this off on a little tangent. This is where Hollywood could excel if they knew what was good for them and come into the digital age.

    They are so afraid of piracy. Well here is my plan.

    1. New theater releases, let them play in theaters for one week exclusively.

    2. Second week of release, release the movie for "on-demand" and digital content providers (itunes, amazon, netflix etc). Include a bonus of either an additional ending, a new cut not seen in theaters or commentary (not all but one of those just to differentiate this from the theater film). Make them one time viewings at home for $3-$4 bucks per viewing (no 30 day time limit just one whole viewing). Also allow me to sync the unplayed section of the movie to my iPhone so I can view the rest if I am traveling.

    This does three things.

    1. Gives people who would normally not want to go to packed theaters (and who might be inclined to pirate) an opportunity to see a great copy of the film close to theater release at home. Piracy isn't going to end but this is a way to fight it and make some additional money.
    2. Allows the movie companies to make their money on opening weekend/week theater goers who would watch it in the theater anyway. It might drop sales a little during the second week but that is normal for most Hollywood films these days, but you get your film out to more people this way by giving the public more purchase options.
    3. You still keep the DVD/BluRay sales revenue because of the additional added content you provide when these are released. Also include digital copies with all DVD/BluRay discs. Some film companies still don't do this.

    Forget the 3D fad, this is the way to gain more customers but Hollywood just can't seem to grasp easy concepts. Come on Hollywood, make a bold ballsy move and join a new era.
    "To unpathed waters, undreamed shores." -- William Shakespeare

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    well considering that the iphone is really the only digital platform on the phone market that offers the most available content to purchase and download. yes of course, this makes sense.

    id like to also mention that Chuck Norris doesnt use a condom. because there is no protection against Chuck Norris
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    That Thanks button is there for a reason!

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    this is dumb its like 1000 adults to 79 iphone users..

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhekt View Post
    well considering that the iphone is really the only digital platform on the phone market that offers the most available content to purchase and download. yes of course, this makes sense.

    id like to also mention that Chuck Norris doesnt use a condom. because there is no protection against Chuck Norris
    LMAO that's halarious! i like how that came out of nowhere too!

    however, i don't agree that iPhone users are richer... i mean i'm living good but i'm certainly not rich... i got the money to pay for my 3GS from left over money from school loans.. lol. Which i do have to pay back but...eventually i will. My 2g i got from saving.

    Surprises me that i haven't changed a phone type in over a year...usually i always change. ever since the iPhone i can't help but to stay and upgrade only that. I hate paying lots of money for apps especially for those that i think should already be part of the iPhone OS. But the findings are true for the majority of people.
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    laziness is the main factor here. make it easier for someone to do the "right" thing and pay for it and more peopole will do that. pirating will always continue though...
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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