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Thread: Make Your Winter Gloves TouchScreen Compatible

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    i can now use my iPhone with my gimp suit on

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    I may have to do this. I've grown tired of taking off gloves to use my phone. Either that or I'll just buy some that work...
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    where does one acquire conductive thread?
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    benefits of living in florida , dont wear gloves unless im doing yardwork

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    Quote Originally Posted by clikzip View Post
    benefits of living in florida , dont wear gloves unless im doing yardwork
    You bastard... lol

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    This worked great for me!
    Use a thimble when sewing so as not to injur your finger.

    If you're in Canada, you can buy the conductive thread here:
    SFE Conductive Thread - 117/17 2ply - RobotShop suitable for sewing machines
    or this one:
    SFE Conductive Thread - 234/34 4ply - RobotShop which is thicker and can be used with a regular needle.

    I used the 117/17 2ply with excellent results.

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    Yeah, I saw instuctions like these somewhere on FixYa, Instructables, or Make-zine when I wanted to know what I could do for my motorcycle gloves, but I haven't gotten around to ordering a spool yet. It seems like a waste to do just my glovesm so I wonder if anyone would want me to do their motorcycle gloves too?

    Quote Originally Posted by hollow0 View Post
    Using your phone while riding your motorcycle??? That's dangerous!
    If it's mounted correctly it's no more dangerous than operating your car stereo when stopped. What's dangerous is going without hand protection just so you can advance the steps on your pseudo-GPS "Maps" app at a stop light or two.

    Also, you have no idea how frustrating motorcycle gloves make things even off the bike in the parking lot. It would be very welcome even for use purely when off the bike.

    Until then...
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    Now, anyone have a way to control Pandora when using A2DP/AVRCP?
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    Great thread . Wish I saw this before spending $40 on the northface E-tip gloves . FYI don't buy the E-Tips . They are thin and overpriced . Don't know why I bought em . Tho I was hunting for them for a couple weeks.

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    Default Gloves that are perfect for the cold
    In my opinion the best bang for your buck iphone gloves are GLIDER GLOVES: Winter Gloves for Touchscreen Devices fairly priced yet better quality and versatility than some of the cheaper gloves.

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    Excellent. I went down to the local sewing center. The owner said "try this, I'll give you a sample," and my wife is going to sew it on today (or tomorrow......). Will let you know....I'm starting on my older gloves first, left index and thumb only.

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    never have needed winter gloves this year with it being so warm
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    Quote Originally Posted by snap1500 View Post
    What happened to my post? I was first....
    Please say you're not serious and you know what happened to it.

    On topic: I just bought gloves that are touchscreen compatible. But that's because I needed new gloves anyway. If I really did have a favorite pair of gloves that aren't touchscreen compatible though...nah I'd still just go buy ones that are haha. I'm not too good with needles.

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