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Thread: RockApp Store Projects $2Mil/Year

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    Default RockApp Store Projects $2Mil/Year

    With the increasing dissatisfaction with Apple's long approval process and seemingly arbitrary rejections, iPhone developers have been looking to alternatives to the App Store. The "gatekeeper" approach has been a boon to the jailbreaking community, as new marketplaces come up to offer healthy competition and user choice. We recently highlighted one independent App Store, Rock Your Phone, when they released their 2.0 version. The founder announced today that they're headed for $2 million US in revenue in the coming year.

    As the source for popular, powerful apps like MyWi and My3G, RockYourPhone delivers the functionality that power users need but aren't getting from Apple and AT&T. In a press release today, RockYourPhone shared some of the kudos they're getting from happy users.

    With a whole bunch of new technology coming out today, and the competition around the "smart phones", this is the kind of stuff that makes the iPhone stick out.
    I wanted to view my email, text messages, and calendar at a glance. Apple doesn't sell an app like this and my blackberry had it out of box. It's essential for my work - $10 is a no-brainer for the productivity it provides.
    Mario Ciabarra, Chief Technical Officer and company founder, noted that the independent marketplace was filling an obvious need as indicated by rising sales. "We're on target for $2+ million in revenue over the next 12 months" Tom Cross, the CEO, says that RockYourPhone is "receiving about 10-20 developer applications a day - some defecting from Apple's restrictive control."

    The company related the experience of a developer, named ZodTTD, who is selling his app exclusively on Rock Your Phone and is on track for $30K in the first month. The developer found he had a greatly improved ability to both market and track his sales with RockYourPhone.
    I get fast updates with instant feedback via a review system, quickly updated statistics of sales and downloads, and none of Apple's bureaucracy. While this sort of application can get 50,000 downloads on Android Marketplace over the course of months, I reach those numbers in a matter of days.
    RockYourPhone is not just for paid apps: they are working to be a complete jailbroken package management solution, incorporating paid to free packages. They list all packages from all default Cydia sources as well as their own paid apps, and maintain an updated list of packages from ModMyi, BigBoss, Saurik, Ste, ZodTTD, and iSpazio repositories on their own RockCentral server, and only changes are downloaded to Rock App users, which results in faster, more accurate listings.

    More information on RockYourPhone is available on their site.

    image via RockYourPhone

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    SPAM !!!!
    Reminds my of the "succesfull" ICY LOL. Nothing more to say.

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    I actually use a few of their apps. My experience with their products has been excellent so far. And I still think Intelliscreen, for me, is ahead of the curve. More power to them.

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    No thanks, I'll stick with Cydia.
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    i use both, cydia and rock.

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    use rock as well, theres a few thing cydia doesnt offer. since 2.0 everything has been nice, nice layout scheme too, wish them all the luck. congrats
    Quote Originally Posted by ??????
    Hi. Does anyone know is iBlacklist available in the app store? can it only be purchased outside the app store? If so, is it hard to install? Thanks everyone.

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    rock in my opinion is GARBAGE, for many reasons. Cydia FTW

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    Why the hate on Rock? I have both Cydia and Rock, and use both. There are many physical stores near where I live - I chose to shop where I prefer, depending on many factors. On my iPhone, I will choose where I shop in the same way. I shop in both Cydia and Rock. If you don't like Rock, or if you don't like Cydia, then don't shop there. But your choice is your choice - it doesn't make the other "store" garbage.

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    ^ +1 . Neither store is garbage. Much is owed to Cydia and Jay for what they brought the JB community. Rock brought their own products and have added to their offering. Any effort to advance the "state" of the iPhone deserves some credit, imho.

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    i like both cydia and rock. i was using rock back when they had just a small handfull of apps. intelliscreen was my first purchASe. still got it in fact.

    i do get a few extention errors resulting in craSHES, every once in awhile, due to some compadability issues between cydia extentions and rocks extentions. [why cant we all just get along ]
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    what is this I keep hearing RYP causing phones to brick? I think I read a few post that people had to reflash their phone because of it

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    Hey Rhekt - There's no conflict between Rock Extensions and Mobilesubstrate. However, there can always be conflicts between apps which touch the same pieces of the OS. Rock Extensions has some additional error handling (and sometimes points to the one problem, or one of the two libraries causing the problem). It's why the safe guards are built into Rock Extensions, because devs can't foresee all the new products .

    Ziggie: Regarding the brick - there's nothing in RYP to brick your phone (it's similar to Cydia in terms of what it installs in fact). Of course, we have to tip our hat to the anti-rock movements here and there (many of which have made misleading/false statements like this one). It’s likely the age-old saying “No publicity is bad publicity”. Some of our users have even joked, “RockApp – the package installer so hated by the creator of Cydia, it has to be good”. We feel in the end, the results speak for themselves.
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    The guys at Rock just seem more 'uppity' in their approach. They do have solid apps (IntelliScreen, etc.) I miss Vonagent, though.

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    Intelliscreen was in fact the first app I purchased back when. The problems I encountered were addressed properly and some were a function of upgrading towards 3.1.2. Right now everything works smoothly, updates are frequent and Intelliscreen still rocks my lockscreen. I've purchased LockInfo and have had my hand at QuickWidgets and Smartscreen, but I still come back to IS due to it's actual interactivity, more than just looking at info. I hope more use of screen space ala LI Matte is in the agenda, it's about the only thing missing I think.

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    I despised how intrusive RYP was originally, and the problems that it caused on both my desktop as well as my iphone, which ended up making me reload my FW.

    Since then, the creators of Rock have done nothing to earn back people's trust, instead trying to place blame on anyone aside themselves for the large groups of people who have had negative experiences with their applications.

    Currently, the attitude that comes from anyone speaking on behalf of Rock is condescending and insulting. If a company that is trying to claw to the top of this community, they should attempt to treat their customer base with a bit of respect.

    While I could see them treating people like garbage if their applications are free, they're spitting in the face of end users who purchase applications and then have no recourse if they experience troubles with a product. With the past behavior of plugging their ears and saying "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" when people have troubles, I can only hope that the negative press will end up having an effect on business.

    There is a saying that a happy customer may tell one person about their experiences, where a customer with a bad experience will tell the world. If you walk all over customers and ignore them when these horrible experiences happen, they may see that group of unhappy past customers loudly voice their unhappiness with Rock's business practices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhekt View Post
    i was using rock back when they had just a small handfull of apps.
    They still have a small handfull of apps. They currently list 28. They have been around for more than a year now.

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    We in no way intend to be condescending or dismissive of any user or any issues users are having. In fact quite the opposite. Myself and my co-workers have had many sleepless nights trying to resolve critical issues that are causing customer hardship. Our first question whenever we face a major bug is how can we resolve this not only for new users but repair the damage to existing devices. Our mistakes are our mistakes, we own up to them and do what it takes to fix them and make right by the customer's affected. We respond to every single email we get to our support mailbox. Granted we are a few days behind right now but that is because we take the time to personally respond to each users question or issue.

    I have to say I am personally insulted that anyone thinks our intentions are malicious in any way. Let's be honest about something here. The purpose of Rock as is the purpose of any business is to make money. Without respecting the customer (user community) we would be out of business in a minute. In the last year we have spent thousands upon thousands of hours developing our platform and have recently been lucky enough to have the iPhone users accept our platform and use it more and more each day.

    We have never ever ignored a user issue. In fact most of the new features we have added to Rock recently are designed to provide our support team with more information about the issue the user is having so we can offer better assistance and a resolution.

    To show a small token of our appreciation to our customers both past and future on Nov. 20th we launched a giveaway of 4 iPod Touches. We will be giving away one each Friday in December beginning on the 10th. For all the details go to Rock Your Phone iPod Touch Twitter Giveaway

    For those of you who have tried Rock in the past and had issues or were in any way dissatisfied with the experience we would ask that you give us another try. If you run into any problems at all please email our support team and we would be happy to help in any way that we can.

    I would also like to personally thank all of our customer's for their continued support. I spent a lot of hours late last night (ok it was really this morning) adding servers to the farm and none of that would be necessary and certainly not possible without your continued use of our product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TooSlo View Post
    With the past behavior of plugging their ears and saying "LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU" when people have troubles, I can only hope that the negative press will end up having an effect on business.

    There is a saying that a happy customer may tell one person about their experiences, where a customer with a bad experience will tell the world. If you walk all over customers and ignore them when these horrible experiences happen, they may see that group of unhappy past customers loudly voice their unhappiness with Rock's business practices.
    Gee that sounds like your talking about Apple lol

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    I agree with RockSupport. I have used RYP on several occasions since it was first released. Yes there have been problems along the way and I have removed RYP from my iPhone more than once during this growing period. That said, I do remember when they first released, people did have problems and they responded to this customer service issue by giving those people credit for a free app. I would say that is as reasonable as you get for customer service.

    Like everything else with the iPhone and especially the JB community there will be growing pains. Remember competition breeds innovation. This is how the JB community came about and more importantly the reason iTunes has competition.

    my $0.02 for what its worth

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    i like both Cydia and Rock. Both are great apps and i believe they provide a lot of help for us jailbroken iPhone users. Cydia could use a lil more improvements though like the app backup list and less refreshing...although there's a toggle for that now. But anywho..i wish i was a developer so that i could gross out 30k a month...damn that's a lot of money! even 5k a month i'd be happy lol.

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