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Thread: NoCyfresh Toggle for SBSettings - Disable Cydia Auto-Refresh

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    Default NoCyfresh Toggle for SBSettings - Disable Cydia Auto-Refresh

    UPDATE: At ModMyi's discretion, we have decided that this package is unsafe as it replaces Cydia entirely. We have released an update to the package that allows you to remove this package. This is NOT released by the developer, this update is from ModMyi. You can still use this tweak at your own discretion, however we take no responsibility you run into problems with it.

    One of the biggest pet peeves I have with Cydia is the constant refreshing that takes place. Not only does the app want to refresh after opening, it seems to also want to do a full refresh every time you add a source, or install a new app.

    On my 3G, I probably spend over a minute just waiting to launch Cydia for the first time. Let alone the additional wait time if I am adding a source or new app.

    Now, I'm sure this auto-refreshing is there for a good reason. However, sometimes It's just not necessary to do a full refresh. Until now, I had always wished there was a way to toggle this on and off.

    Well now there is. iSpazio has released a toggle for SBSettings that will enable or disable the Auto-Refreshing performed in Cydia. This speeds up Cydia ten fold.

    I anticipate lots of these little things will be address in the newest cydia update by @saurik, but in the meantime, those who want a little speed boost will take full advantage of this toggle.

    Another win for the Jailbreak community!

    UPDATE FROM DEVELOPER: HOLY CRAP!. I didn't realize so many people are interested in it. I will be submitting an update to modmyi repo shortly. I dont know who put it in iSpazio but that was not with my permission.

    Ok submitted an update to modmyi this should help people having issues with the refresh still happening even though the toggle is on. Also the icons have been updated to be more clear.
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    There is a slight glitch in the app. When you disable or enable the auto-refresh toggle, there is no green/ red toggle to indicate whether the on or off. I'm sure this will be updated shortly!

    Scratch that, seems to work fine for me showing on and off
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    Instaling now... thx

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    just saw this on cydia just now. i dont mind the refresh. [dont get me wrong, it sucks to wait] i like the idea though that everything is all current.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhekt View Post
    just saw this on cydia just now. i dont mind the refresh. [dont get me wrong, it sucks to wait] i like the idea though that everything is all current.
    hehe, thats why its a toggle and not a permanent removal of the auto-refresh. We all still need to refresh, just sometimes not EVERY time. lol

    give it a shot, can't hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhekt View Post
    just saw this on cydia just now. i dont mind the refresh. [dont get me wrong, it sucks to wait] i like the idea though that everything is all current.
    I like the idea of everything being current also, that's why I will manually refresh cydia once a night myself. I don't need it to be refreshed every single time I use it for anything what so ever. Kudos to saurik, I love cydia as it reigns supreme. However, this little toggle now makes cydia perfect.

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    Wow.. this post is what i was exactly thinking.. there has been numerous posts that i have read and said.. gee i was thinking the same thing.

    Perfect! bye bye Cydia hello Rock

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    great idea been using it since this morning i love it.

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    A must download!
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    wat cydia theme do u have?

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    One of the simplest add-ons ever yet a dream for me. Sadly I'll have to wait a few minutes while Cydia reloads in order to get it lol.
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    Great addition. Kudos to Saurik.

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    I LOVE whoever cam up with that!
    That Thanks button is there for a reason!

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    beautiful addition! Props! =P


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    Wohoo! Just what we all needed!

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    I don't see it

    Never mind I found it.
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    I love my iPhone Cydia style.

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    Anyone else having an issue after installing this with Respringing. My 3GS resprings right into Safe Mode. Still trying to see if the two are related

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    Thanks for the heads up .
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    sorry to be a noobie, but how do i get this?

    nevermind found it hehe.
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