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Thread: QuickWidgets - A Free Alternative to SmartScreen

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    Default QuickWidgets - An Almost Free Alternative to SmartScreen

    UPDATE: The word QuickWidgets might be deceiving. This app is actually a package of QuickBirthday, QuickSMS, QuickCalendar, and QuickBoard. These apps are NOT free. Guess there should be fine print on this one. Sheesh

    After SmartScreen was released only just yesterday, QuickWidgets, although somewhat beta still, has suddenly drawn some attention.

    With the same idea in mind as SmartScreen, QuickWidgets offers various widgets for your lockscreen that you can manage, move, and customize to your hearts desire.

    Not only can you move them around, but if you shake the iPhone, you can quickly move any of them, and even resize the widgets individually, which is something SmartScreen doesn't offer.

    Now your probably wondering, well, what's so great about QuickWidgets. And the simple answer is, I have no idea. SmartScreen only just came out and I expect to see some widgets for it shortly. However, QuickWidgets comes to Cydia as a FREE app. Yup, that's right, free.

    So if you don't feel like forking out the money for SmartScreen, than I recommend you check this out. In order to download this you will need to add the Cydia repository:

    Just a note, QuickWidgets is still beta.

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    sounds cool

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    what background are they rocking in those screenshots ? thats sick !

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewe13 View Post
    what background are they rocking in those screenshots ? thats sick !
    lol, I was thinking the same thing while writing this. It is pretty stellar and bright.

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    This is awesome. Highly recommend !

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickhesson View Post
    lol, I was thinking the same thing while writing this. It is pretty stellar and bright.
    if anyknow know let us know too. pretty kewl!

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    And this one lets you keep the Ipod controls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrag525 View Post
    And this one lets you keep the Ipod controls!
    The iPod controls are still available on SmartScreen, just takes 2 taps of the home button.

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    cool story bro

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    i dont even use these on my MBP. ugggh
    killall Terminal[]

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    i was about to purchase the full smartscreen until i came here and heard about quickwidgets. im going to try out the quickwidgets and compare it to smartscreen and ill see which one i like better

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    how the hell do you use this? i just installed it and nothing...

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    Man I really like this. I can't wait to see what they will add to it.
    I love my iPhone Cydia style.

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    omg. this is so cool!!
    and its free compare to smartscreen lite. this is way better!

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    I'll use this instead of SmartScreen for sure!

    EDIT: Just Installed, there's no icon on springboard and nothing in settings, can someone please explain to me how to configure it? Thanks!
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    That Thanks button is there for a reason!

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    works great!
    i just wish there was a way to change the icon for the camera
    anyone know how i might be able to do that?

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    this seems a LOT more free to use on lockscreen unlike smartscreen

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    i wonder if they'll add more widgets

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    QuickWidgets is awesome =)

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    To my understanding you need quickboard? And if so is it true it doesnt work on the latest firmware for the 3Gs?

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