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Thread: Multifl0w - The Future of iPhone Multitasking with Backgrounder

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    Default kirikae & multifl0w together
    When I first installed Multifl0w (from Rock) it unistalled kirikae (of course) but then I went into Cydia and reinstalled kirikae, and it let me. I configured kirikae to opperate off of the power button and Multifl0w to run off of double clicking the home button. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I used Multifl0w most of the time, but love kirikae's favorites and search tabs and some of the more advanced features. I didn't have any problems running both simultaneously, I even tried invoking both at the same time and it was fine. I backgrounded an app with one and closed it with the other. NO ISSUES! The next time I installed a program in Cydia it added kirikae to the remove list and I didn't notice it until I had hit confirm. Now I can't reinstall it without uninstalling Multifl0w. PLEASE HELP. How can I force kirikae to install? I want to use them both again, it was perfect!

    Running 3.1.2 on 32 GB 3gs.

    UPDATE: I rebooted my phone and installed kirikae using Rock. I now have them both running happily side by side again.
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    I tried multifl0w and want to really like it.

    But it seems a bit buggy at the moment. It takes up much more memory than Kirikae does it appears, and on the 3G every byte is important. I'm glad they added the "x" close function.

    If it becomes more optimized I'll give it another shot in the future.

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    why does my multifl0w look like this. (with blank white ones?)
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    I like Proswitcher than Multiflow but I am stuck with it since I paid for it
    hope they improve it in near future

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    I have a lot of stuff I've Baught for my phone that someone has made a better version of. I say cut ur losses and stick with the better of the 2 proswitcher

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    I also paid for multiflow and use ProSwitcher. I paid for 3 tethering apps but now only use MyWi. It's the way it goes with most smartphones, you buy an app and a better one shows up.

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