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Thread: ModMyWheelchair with New iPhone Solution

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    Default ModMyWheelchair with New iPhone Solution

    upon the iPhone's initial launch and release, some said the device would ultimately be used for a variety of functions incapable of being considered at that time. Today, such arguments are once again gaining credibility as the iPhone continues to be put to work at simplifying the ways in which we navigate life. And according to a story on 9to5Mac today, "navigating" is exactly the function provided through new wheelchair controls optimized for the iPhone.

    Dynamic Controls has integrated an iPhone into its power wheelchair electronics, enabling powered wheelchair users to use them as normal while also gaining access to detailed information and control system access of their chair using the device.
    Unveiled by Dynamic Controls in Germany at a major trade fair for those with special needs, the solution links a user’s iPhone or iPod touch to the wheelchair system via Bluetooth to display chair information in real time as well as speed in kph or mph and compass heading. A cradle is also available to mount the iPhone or iPod touch onto the wheelchair. Best of all, the iPhone can now display the status of a wheelchair - something of vital importance to those who spend a majority of their day in one.

    The new technology operates with an iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPod touch V2.0 and 3.0. It can easily be fitted to any new or existing Dynamic Controls DX2, DX or Shark wheelchair control systems without reprogramming the wheelchair.
    In the last two years, there has been a growing movement to make the iPhone more user-friendly and appropriately functional for individuals with special needs. And while a host of applications exist to aid certain individuals with disabilities, solutions like the one introduced by Dynamic Controls remain a rarity.

    But wheelchair users like Lee Kwok, who contributed a quote to the article, are already exhibiting excitement about finally being able to tap into the iPhone's potential in a new, but highly personal way. “Having access to mainstream technology via a wheelchair is a huge advantage," Lee said.

    Benefits also include the on-chair charging for the iPhone and a ‘chair doctor’ wheelchair diagnostics feature that interprets problems with the wheelchair.
    Image via 9to5Mac

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    This is pretty cool! It is a great example of the versatility of the iPhone. Hopefully people will have an extra battery for their phone. This is the only weakness it has in being implemented in everyday longterm usage.

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    well, if its hooked up to a wheelchair all the time im sure you could rig some kind of power supply.
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    So awesome to see the integration of this amazing device. What other piece of equipment is so versatile??
    This is getting a lil' ridiculous...

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    is the bluetooth api opened for public? how can they implement this?

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    the bluetooth api has been open for sdk devs since 3.0 came out

    and i dont think it would b hard 2 put a charger on an electric wheelchair

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    I can see the new Apple commercials rebutting Verizon..." iWheelchair, iPhone Does, Droid Doesn't."

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    wow this is pretty awesome news. my friend todd has been a quad since he was 8 from a gunshot wound to his spinal cord. hes allways on the cutting edge of technology.
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    Was this approved or is it for devs?

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