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Thread: Apple's Appointment App in the Works?

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    Default Apple's Appointment App in the Works?

    Bringing the luxury and convenience of your own personal concierge to the iPhone, Apple is said to be working on a new application that enables customers to make appointments at retail stores.

    Although there is no confirmation from Apple that this app will definitely manifest in the coming days or weeks, doesn't it sound like something Apple would come up with? Our friends at Apple Insider, who broke the news, seem to concur. And their "sources" give them reason to confidently believe that an appointment app or similar functionality is imminent.

    The App Store software will allow anyone to view memberships and make appointments for services at retail stores, like the Genius Bar or One to One. No release date for the alleged application was provided.
    When you think about it, extending the ability to make in-store appointments to the iPhone or iPod Touch isn't much of stretch, since appointments can already be made through Apple's retail Web site. The same goes for reservations for shopping, workshops, or any other event held at an Apple store.

    It's likely that the new app - if there is, in fact, going to be a new app - will roll out sooner rather than later as Apple continues to gear up for the holiday shopping season. Earlier this month on, we talked about Apple's holiday shopping in-store pickup option, scheduled to span Dec. 15th through the 24th. A "concierge app" would be perfectly suited to help execute Apple's vision for a more convenient, seamless shopping experience for consumers.

    Holidays aside, any appointment app should benefit the company as its retail presence grows by leaps and bounds.

    Apple has big plans for its retail stores in the coming year. Ron Johnson, the company's senior vice president of Retail, said last week that 50 new locations will debut in 2010.
    Image via Apple Insider

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    Sounds good to me, I'd probably wind up going to the retail store more often because of an app like that, and I'm sure that's what Apple is counting on.

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    This would be a good app.

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    Looks like you still aren't checking the member written news sections before posting....
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    That looks pretty sweet. There's a lot they could do with that.

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