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Thread: App Developer and Former Apple Employee Opens Up

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    Default App Developer and Former Apple Employee Opens Up

    Digital Arts has published an interesting new interview definitely worth checking out. The piece profiles Dave Howell, CEO of Avatron Software. Howell now develops apps for the iPhone. But before he started his own business, he woked for Apple.

    Although you might not know his name, chances are, you know his work. Last year, Howell introduced "Air Sharing," which became enormously popular for being one of the first document readers for the iPhone. Yet, before he made it big on his own, Howell worked at Apple for six years in various engineering capacities. And now he's opening up about his experiences there and what it means to be an app developer in the modern competitive landscape.

    When asked "Did your Apple background pave the way to the App Store?" Howell responded:

    Not at all. There were times when we were having issues with the App Store, and I'd send emails to everybody I knew at Apple, from fellow engineers to managers to vice presidents. The few people that responded would say, "You know I can't talk about that."
    We all know Apple prides itself on being a largely mysterious, hush-hush company that always leaves us guessing as to what they wll do next, but apparently, Apple maintains the same air of enigma even with its employees. And while certainly frustrating for those out of the loop, it now seems more believable than ever when current or former Apple employees open up about how they were unaware of the projects on Apple's agenda before introduction to the marketplace.

    The paranoia and secrecy was always frustrating but not as hard as I thought it would be. It was more my fear. For the most part, Apple's processes just work really well. Another frustration with a big company, not just Apple, is that if you have what you think is a great idea, there may just be nobody there to listen to it.
    But, ultimately, Howell seems to suggest that Apple may be more developer-friendly than we realize.

    There have been moments where it's been frustrating because Apple's system are evolving painstakingly slow. For a big company, I think they're moving pretty quickly; but from a [startup's] point of view, a year is a lifetime. We've had frustrations from bugs in the App Store and inconsistent app reviews. However, the opportunities in this new marketplace far outweigh any of these frustrations.
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    I've tried almost every Twitter app. Love SimplyTweet

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    This can be very good news for all the apple members. I am really very excited as I am a member of the apple family. All the best to all these employees.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Messany View Post
    But before he started his own business, he woked for Apple.
    I bet he made a killing in the cafeteria.

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    That's why everyone loves Google, lol. Someone might spill a cup of coffee during break at their office, and the entire world would know. In Apple, they might go around rejecting an app Google made, and people wouldn't even know if the app was rejected or waitlisted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaynoonan View Post
    I've tried almost every Twitter app. Love SimplyTweet
    Me thinks you answered the wrong thread .

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    Sounds great a story

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    I remember reading the article in Wired about how when they were developing the iPhone the teams didn't know it. The hardware side was told make this; while the OS side was here is the hardware that it will run on make it work. Basically handing the OS people a bunch of parts crudely put together to not resemble anything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallguy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by jaynoonan View Post
    I've tried almost every Twitter app. Love SimplyTweet
    Me thinks you answered the wrong thread .

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    i love the way allmost none of the responses related to the article at hand....cute. very cute.

    just to continue the tradition here. anybody having issues with enabling the weather.cydget from cydia to perform local weather info? [vs.the Grayslake] and yes i did edit the settings.xml as instructed by the author.
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    Out of 10 responses I see 2 that relate to the article. About how Apple keeps secrets even with their own employees.

    Well now with this one, 2 out of 11.

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