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Thread: Facebook for iPhone App Developer Quits, Blaming Apple

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    and another one bites the dust
    killall Terminal[]

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    Kinda funny that the new FB update just popped up in the app up-dates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s4mb4 View Post
    he seems like a bit of a cry baby imo.
    its apples app store, not his. he should take his app back home to play by himself if he does not like it.
    Apple is one the most succesful US companies around. there is a reason for that.
    Sounds likewe got us a spy dont talk bad about apple it might upset me all swinging on there ....

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    This will definitely get apples attention, but will not ruin apple by any means.

    I think they may be the reason behind why Meebo has not released a promised app that we have all been waiting for since the 3.0 release.

    Also, even if he hands the project off to someone else it's not like his career is done. He will most definitely find something better to work on, and he has great skills that are desired by many platforms other than the apple app store. I think that he will end up going to the droid, and this will take a huge chunk of iPhone users away after they see what open development is capable of.

    It's amazing how many GREAT applications are out there just waiting to get approved by apple, and they will never see the light of day in the app store because of apples horrific "terms of use".

    I think that these developers have considered developing for cydia, but if you think about it, which apple cracking down so much on jailbreaking, how long will cydia be around for? I think that this is keeping great developers from coming to cydia in the first place, and we will end up seeing their fantastic work on the droid or some other platform.

    I think we are a long way from seeing Apple take the shackles off for developers, but I think this is a great start and I hope that other big developers leave because of this reason as well and we can see some progress.

    It's so funny to see all these people that love their Apple iPhone, but HATE Apple. It's such a great device with HUGE potential, but we are never going to see this because of Apple itself holding it's own device back.

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    everything iDont.....well, you know the rest. lol.

    apple keeps this up and their days are numbered.

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    Apple is all about innovation within their company, but when outside developers think of new innovations, they restrict them and tell them they can't do that. Apple is contradicting their own values and belief.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Home Skillet View Post
    Kinda funny that the new FB update just popped up in the app up-dates.
    My thoughts exactly....its been in the works for a while now all of a sudden it gets released...ha

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    This is simply a ********. I did not understand why did the man had problem's with Apple's polices. Apple is completely right on their way.
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    Apple is completely right? Why should ghe waste his time trying to jump through hoops to get through Apple's approval?
    There are better things he can be spending hois time on and it is a sad loss for iPhone users.
    Apple can do what they like with their store but it doesn't mean developers have top develop for it.
    The apps are one of the things that make the iPhone great but if they continue to lose developers then another platform will accept them.
    It's Apple's choice but they shouldn't forget that users have choices too. At the moment they are still the best but for how long?
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    I wish you could sync your FB contacts with the iPhone's. With Apple's approval process, that won't happen.

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    Way to push developers over to the other open source phones!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bengo View Post
    I wish you could sync your FB contacts with the iPhone's. With Apple's approval process, that won't happen.
    Fex does this somewhat

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